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Where to Learn Greek in Athens

August 18, 2021
Lots of sunshine, relaxing ambiances, beautiful sceneries, and the stunning Mediterranean sea. Athens really seems like the ultimate paradise for a much-needed escape, doesn't it? A retreat for when your normal life gets a bit too much. However, relaxing and vacationing aren't the only activities you can do here. You can, in fact, learn Greek as well. The language is one of the most underrated in the world, often overlooked for the more elegant French or the more sensual Italian. But speaking Greek gives you a certain air, an attractive one at that. And when you're in Athens, here are some fine schools where you can learn it.

Where to Learn Greek in Athens


Alexandria Institute

Close to the city center, the Alexandria Institue is certainly an attractive school of choice for many who want to learn to speak and understand Greek. Its location borough of Nea Lonia is strategic, making it near a good few of the city's top attractions. And if you think that doesn't have anything to do with your language lessons here, think again! Part of what the Alexandria Institute does in teaching people how to speak and understand the Greek language is to take them on a walking tour of Athens. The school's prime location allows them to take you to many of the best places in the city. 



Why stop at just the Greek language? Why not go all the way and get to know the country more than just what people speak here? Ellinisti approaches teaching the Greek language in a more intrinsic way. Yes, they offer standard courses and they're very efficient and effective. But they also take the time to let their students experience many Greek activities and traditions, immersing them into the culture of the country more than just the language. And at the same time, it's also a very interactive way of learning Greek and applying it in real-life situations. 


Where to Learn Greek in Athens


Hellenic Language School

Th Hellenic Language School in Athens also relies heavily on its prime location. Nestled in a lively neighborhood of Athens, it's right smack in the middle bars, restaurants, shopping districts, and more in the city. Though in terms of its programs, they offer standard courses that will focus on traditionally teaching you the language. It's just that, with where the campus is located, you can easily apply what you've learned by walking around and exploring the area around it. Don't think this was just by chance! The school specifically chose this location for that very reason. 


The Lamda Project

A library, a student lounge, a beautiful terrace ara, free wifi, and even free coffee—it's no wonder The Lamda Project has become one of the most popular Greek-language schools in Athens. By offering all these fine facilities, beautiful common areas, and access to some great services, the school offers a convenient environment to learn Greek without any hassle. Furthermore, the comfortable spaces allow the students to interact with each other more, an opportunity to apply what they've learned. All in all, notwithstanding all these luxuries, The Lamda Project has long proven their efficacy as a fine language school to learn Greek. 


Real Education

With campuses in many other cities in Greece, it's no wonder most locals know of Real Education. But that's not all that contribute to its immense popularity. The school itself is a modern educational institute that takes care of it students even beyond the classroom. Think film viewings in its state-of-the-art movie room, access to online research in their compute lab, and free access to their language-learning software. There are so anyways students can learn Greek than just the standard classroom setting. And most have proven to be entirely effective in producing fluent Greek speakers. 


Where to Learn Greek in Athens


Of course Athens, the capital city of Greece, is a great place to learn the country's language. The city houses some of the finest Greek-language schools out there, offering both traditional and innovative approaches to learning the language. 

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