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The best place to change money in Brussels with the best exchange rate

February 01, 2019
Brussels is known primarily as the capital of the EU so a lot of people are passing through the Belgian capital on business. However, if you choose to spend a weekend here for leisure (which we definitely recommend), then you’ll need some euros for drinking beer, eating chocolate and shopping in all of the city’s trendy boutiques. We’ve put together a list of the best places to change money in Brussels with the best exchange rate as well as some information on card payments and ATMs. 
Brussels currency exchange

DME Change

Located at 11, Boulevard Adolphe Max, DME Change are open 7 days a week until 6.30pm so whatever day you arrive in the city, you’ll be able to change your currency. They charge no commission and offer a competitive buy back scheme that costs just €5. You will not be charged if you don’t spend all of your euros and want to change them back. 

Gold & Forex International

Gold & Forex International is located at Rue du Midi 101. It's not far from the Grande Place, which you'll more than likely become aquatinted with during your time in Brussels. They buy and sell gold as well as currency with no commission so you’re guaranteed a good rate. You can check their currency quotes online before visiting to make sure you’ll be getting a good deal. 


Travelex is one of the largest currency exchange companies in the world and they have three branches in Brussels. One at the airport, one at Brussels Midi and one in the Scharbeek neighbourhood. They won’t always give you the best exchange rates but they are conveniently located if you really need some cash. 


Eurogold is primarily a gold buyer and seller but it also offers quite good rates for exchanging currency. They don’t charge commission so you’re likely to get a better deal than most places. 

Some advice on ATMs

As with other major cities these days, you might get a better exchange rate if you use an ATM instead of a currency exchange. Make sure to use a reputable bank to incur the smallest fees and charges. 
Brussels currency exchange

Card use in Brussels

Nearly everywhere in Brussels will accept credit and debit card these days and most also accept American Express. But as ever, it is useful to have some cash with you for things like buses, ti cake machines and smaller, independent cafes and restaurants. 





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Brussels, Belgium
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