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What to Know About The Job Market in Canada

August 13, 2020
Canada seems like such a pleasant place to live in, doesn't it? Not only are the people here known to be the kindest in the world, but the country's interesting climate makes it an exciting place. Where else can you get as much sunshine as you want and, at the same time, a coolness that befits a winter wonderland? Not to mention it's also a peaceful nation, hardly having conflicts with the rest of the world. So it'd really be great to live here. However, before you can, you have to find a job first. And in order to so, you have to know Canada's current job market.

What to Know About The Job Market in Canada


The Current Unemployment Rate in Canada

Firstly, you ought to know the current unemployment rate in Canada. As of this writing, it's at 10.9%, the lowest in a long time. Previously, it was at 12.3%, so the drop was, though small, still quite substantial. Though admittedly it's still quite high compared to other countries, it's understandable considering that Canada is still recovering from the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, especially compared to its southern neighbor, the USA, this North American nation is on its way to reopening its economy. This is why unemployment dropped a little and is on the right path to decreasing even further. 


The Employment Rate Among Immigrants Now

Even better news is that employment is rising the most among immigrants at 60.5%. It's comparatively higher, though just slightly than Canadian-born citizens, which is currently at 59.1%. Both high rates show that Canada really is rising up from the massive layoffs brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. It's one of the very few countries whose employment rate is at a notable high and its unemployment rate is considerably low. And many signs point that things will further lookup in the near future. So if you still have plans of working and moving to Canada, now is the right time to do so. 


What to Know About The Job Market in Canada


What's The Current State of the Canadian Economy?

As already mentioned, Canada is slowly but surely reopening its economy nowadays. And it's also one of the strongest in the Western hemisphere right now. According to Heritage.org, the country currently has a freedom score of 78.2% and a GDP growth of 1.8%. Moreover, since the COVID-19 pandemic was able to slow down in Canada, the country is more than ready to start operating normally again in the coming weeks. Thereby strengthening the overall state of the job market and helping the unemployed get work again. Currently, Canada is one of the very few countries that can do so. 


The Most Popular Type of Work in Canada Right Now

Surprisingly—or perhaps it's because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic—part-time work is the most popular type of work in Canada. This is ironic too since it's part-time workers who got affected the most by the pandemic with around 29.6%  of losses as compared to the 12.5% losses among full-time workers. Now, since Canada hasn't fully recovered yet, a lot of companies can only grant many potential employees part-time work. They can only allow them to come to work for a limited number of hours and most businesses still don't have enough to grant full salaries. 


What to Know About The Job Market in Canada


Places Where Employment is Increasing 

Unlike in other countries, it's actually most of Canada that's seeing an upward trajectory when it comes to employment. Various Canadian provinces are looking to improve their employment rates respectively, further helping the country get back on its feet. In Quebec, for instance, this French Quarter province saw a massive rise in the number of employed people: a whopping 98,000 increase. Because of this, the employment rate in this part of the country is at 94.4%. Meanwhile, Ontario, on the other hand, currently has an employment rate of 91.7% and an unemployment rate of just 11.3%. Very good news indeed! 


What The Future Holds for Canada's Job Market

After all of what has been said, what does the future look like for Canada's job market? As bright as the sun itself! It's expected that jobs will further increase, bringing more employment to the citizens and residents of the country. In fact, at its current state of not having fully opened the economy, Canada is already seeing massive gains in the job market. The unemployment rate is at a new low and looks to continuously decrease as the country moves forward in operating normally again. So in a nutshell, things are looking up in Canada. 


What to Know About The Job Market in Canada


For those looking to work in Canada, you're in luck! Compared to many other countries out there, this North American nation's job market looks to be one of the most stable for now. You'll find many opportunities for employment when you go here! 

And when you do get hired, it's the best time to invest in a luxurious Canadian apartment for your new home. It's only natural that you do!