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The Mobile Networks to Go For in Singapore

August 12, 2020
Why is it that whenever people go to another country, they forget to do one essential thing? What's that? Get a local SIM card. As much as you want to rely on the internet, it'll be a lot easier for your stay in a different country if you just get a new local mobile plan. Think of the neat packages you might get with your new SIM card. The unlimited calls & texts you can use for your new local friends. And, of course, the internet data that will keep you online wherever you are. Here in Singapore, there are four great networks to join.

The Mobile Networks to Go For in Singapore



Singtel is undoubtedly the biggest mobile network in the country. Its coverage spans most of the territory so that wherever you end up anywhere in the country if you go for this network, you're sure to still get a strong signal and awesome data. It's known to offer great deals and packages with powerful internet data and unlimited calls & texts. In fact, Singtel SIM cards are beloved for their great speed in download, uploading, and seamless usage of various apps. Whatever app you use, you can still use it clearly wherever you may be in Singapore. 



Starhub actually equals Singtel when it comes to downloading speed. When you get a SIM card from Starhub, you not only get a great signal but also extremely strong internal data that lets you download all sorts of media. It helps that it operates on a 4G system, further allowing for strong wifi connection to help you stay online. It's also one of the more affordable networks, with deals going only as high as S$25.00, and that already comes with amazing coverage and data. Not to mention unlimited calls & texts to make you reachable whilst you're in Singapore. 


The Mobile Networks to Go For in Singapore



M1 also comes with great internet data and that's mostly why many people go for it. This is the SIM card to go for if you're more into connecting online to use your apps than the need for calling or texting fellow local numbers. While it doesn't have the largest coverage in the country, it does stand well on its own with its strong data offerings and a few amazing deals to boot. Though the prices can get a bit high, especially with the bigger deals, rest assured that every cent you pay for to get into this network will be more than worth it. 



TPG is actually originally an Australian telecommunications company that got into Singapore a bit later than the other networks. However, despite this, it has since risen in popularity and has become one of the go-to networks for both locals and visitors alike. Why? Because it arguably has the strongest 4G offering out of all the major networks in the country. While the other networks have the upper hand when it comes to coverage, TPG's 4G system allows its users to make use of a strong internet connection. And for many people out there, that's really all the matters anyways! 


The Mobile Networks to Go For in Singapore


If you're going to get a local SIM card in Singapore—which you need to do if you're visiting or staying here—you're in luck! The country has four great mobile networks to choose from, each with its own strengths in offering the best for its users. 

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