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Ways to Get a Job in Singapore

August 11, 2020
Singapore seems like a cool place to work in, isn't it? The Tiger City of Southeast Asia, it's like an ideal metropolis where you can work hard and reach your goals. And it's very much possible to do just that. To earn a lot and live out a certain lifestyle you feel you deserve to live. That's what way to do it in Singapore. However, you have to find a job first. You have to start somewhere, right? Here in Singapore, you have to find a job to get your foot through the door. Here are some ways to get one!

Ways to Get a Job in Singapore


Apply for a Work Visa First

It should go without saying but in order to find work in Singapore, you have to first get a work visa. It's also known as a work permit. As of the moment, visitors to the country can only stay for a limited amount of time. Even if you're able to get a visa that allows you to stay longer here, it still won't allow you to find employment in the country. So if you have your heart set on finding a job here in Singapore, you have to first apply and hopefully, get granted a work visa. You can do so through the country's Ministry of Manpower's official website


Strengthen Your Network

More often than not, you need to have already been hired to get a work visa in order to stay in Singapore. However, in the off chance that you still get granted the permit without a present job, or if you decide to resign from the company that initially hired you, you can always rely on your network. The moment you step foot in Singapore, practically everyone you meet and get a chance to talk to can help you find a job. It's all about connections and everyone in your network might know someone who can get you the right job! 


Ways to Get a Job in Singapore


Search for Employment Online

If your network isn't enough and luck wasn't by your side with them, you can always find employment online. Nowadays, it's become the norm that people find work through job-seeking websites and similar digital platforms. It's like going for the want ads in the newspapers, only this time, it's online. Most if not all of the best companies post their job vacancies online anyways, so you'll rarely see a scarcity of great opportunities on the internet. The sites you can go for include LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, Best Jobs, Jobs Central, and more. You'll find more than enough job openings to apply to. 


Go to an Employment Agency

Sometimes, it's not enough that you simply go online as well. If things get really rough, it may be time to go to an employment agency. There's a good many here in Singapore and they all aim to find you the perfect job that fits your particular set of skills and abilities. Don't worry, the people who work here are professionals. They'll go high and low to find you the right position, look for the best company, and get your employed in no time. And most of the time, the results are more or less accurate too. The agencies to focus on here are Aegis, Career Hub Consultants, and Spencer Stuart


Ways to Get a Job in Singapore


Put Yourself Out There

Though at times, it's better you take the initiative. Let's say, for example, there's a specific company you really want to work for. You know you can great things at this company and you're determined to work there no matter what. The thing is, however, they don't have a current job opening. So what do you do? You send your application anyway! Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and apply to companies you want to work for regardless if they have a job opening or not. The worst that'll happen is that they'll simply reject your application. However, rest assured they'll keep it for future reference if you impress them. 


Wait Patiently

Finally, though it's not exactly a method for job hunting, it's a must that you wait patiently. Once you've done all that you can, the right opportunity will come knocking on your door. If you're too agitated and too antsy about finding work, chances are prospective employers will see right through you and won't hire you at all. Exude patience and calmness when sending out applications, talking to employment agents, and when you're being interviewed for a potential job. You'll have an easier time getting hired if your head is clear and you're relaxed about the whole thing. 


Ways to Get a Job in Singapore


Here in Singapore, there are multiple ways to get a job. All you have to do is try them out, pray for a little luck, and hope for the best. You never know, in no time, you might be living the good life with a great job here!

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