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Understanding Public Transport in Singapore

August 10, 2020
In a city like Singapore, expect to see some high standards. Not just in the incredible hotspots throughout the bustling metropolis. Not just in the quality of livelihood in this tiger city. But also with the quality of public transport. Arguably the mark of a great city is how efficient the public transport systems are. If people can travel without using their own cars, then it's a city worthy of praise. And Singapore is just that city. From the MRT to the taxis, it's not that difficult to commute here. Most especially since the city is a clean utopia as well.

Understanding Public Transport in Singapore


The EZ-Link Cards

Perhaps the best thing to first do when you land in Singapore is to buy a EZ-link card. These cars make it easier for you to pay to use various public transport systems, mostly the MRT & LRT lines as well as some buses. If you're a tourist staying in the city for only a couple of days, you should get the Singapore Tourist Pass, a stored-value card that's good for a day up to three days maximum. Meanwhile, if you're going to reside here, it's better to purchase an Adult Stored Value Smartcard, which only costs around S$12.00. Both give you unlimited access to modes of public transportation. 


The MRT and LRT 

Unlike in other major cities, Singapore doesn't have an official subway system that travels underground. However, the city's MRT and LRT systems do occasionally do that. But for the most part, these metro systems operate above ground and go around the city. It's one of the cheaper options for public transportation in the city, with the fare ranging from S$0.73 to S$1.66. Or you can always use your EZ-link card to get to the trains directly. Either way, both trains operate throughout the many parts of the city, making it one of the most effective public transport systems out there. 


Understanding Public Transport in Singapore


Singapore's Buses

Though at times, your destination may not have an MRT/LRT station nearby. And if that's the case, you'd do better going on a bus instead. Also incredibly cheap—the fares range from S$0.67 to S$1.58—you're guaranteed to reach your destination without a hitch. The best part is these buses are incredibly comfortable, oftentimes spacious, and you can clearly see the city from inside. Though at times, it can get so crowded that families traveling with strollers might be required to fold them to make space. Typically, the buses operate from 5:30 am to midnight the next day, but there are other night buses that operate beyond these hours. 


Taxis in Singapore

With over eight different taxi companies operating in the city, it'd be rare for you not to get a cab. Most especially now that you can also use an online app to hail one if doing so on the street is too difficult. It often becomes too challenging to hail a taxi during peak hours, mostly when people are going to work in the morning and when they're going home in the afternoon. In fact, it gets so busy during such hours that, at times, even fares go up as well. Don't be surprised if the starting price of the meter is different at different times. 


Understanding Public Transport in Singapore


Travel by Bicycle

Singapore is proud of being a green city. They're strict with themselves when it comes to cleaning up the environment and ensuring that there's less pollution in the air despite being a congested city itself. And because the air is clean here, cycling has become a go-to mode of transportation for many people, mostly those who live adequately near their offices. The city even laid out specific lanes on the roads, parks, and other areas to make it easier both for those cycling and those in other vehicles or walking by. Not to mention it's become a common type of exercise for many Singaporeans. 


The Singapore Visitor Centre

With all that said, if actually navigating the city still confuses you, you can always drop by the Singapore Visitor Centre. There are a total of seven in the city and they're there to help any visitor or any lost or confused person out. They provide helpful tips in navigating the different public transport systems, give directions when you get lost, and for tourists, they also provide great itineraries to follow on your trip. Don't be afraid to drop by when you need help, you rarely have to pay for anything at all here. Well, only for the souvenirs you might want to buy for the folks back home! 


Understanding Public Transport in Singapore


Singapore is a clean, crisp, and beautiful city that's a great place to explore! And thanks to its very efficient public transport systems, that's easier to do now and even more enjoyable too! What's not to love about this place?

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