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The Finest International Schools in Rome

July 29, 2021
Out of all the cities in Italy, Rome is perhaps the most cosmopolitan of it all. While the country's capital reeks of historic heritage and hope for the future, the city itself has become the haven for many international residents from around the world. And with them are children that will someday embrace and consider Italy as their home country. Rome will be as big of a part of them as they are to the city. But when it comes to their education, it might be better to go to an international school in the Italian capital. Here are a few that stand out.

The Finest International Schools in Rome


American Overseas School of Rome

Accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges (MSA), the American Overseas School of Rome has long stood as a strong institution between the bond the US formed with Italy after World War II. While it uses an American curriculum in general, it does embrace Italian culture and heritage through various lessons, the school's subculture, and more. In fact, around 20% of its graduates often proceed to go to Italian universities for their higher education, further proving that despite its American focus, this school is as Italian as pepperoni pizza! 


Ambrit Rome International School

The Ambrit Rome International School is another American-headed institution in the Italian capital that welcomes international students from around the world. But its main difference between the American Overseas School of Rome is that the former better embraces being in Italy. In fact, the school even uses Italian as an official language, helping international students better adapt to living in the city. Furthermore, the institution also follows the Italian national curriculum, which includes studying the country's language, history, politics, geography, and more. With multiple grades to offer, the students who graduate from the Ambrit Rome International School become Italians themselves. 


The Finest International Schools in Rome


Castelli International School 

Now, the Castelli International School is one worth looking into for two things. The first is that it boasts some of the most beautiful campus grounds in all of Rome. Set atop the magnificent Castelli hills, think well-manicured gardens, fresh Mediterranean breezes, and a stunning view of the Italian capital, especially when the sun sets. Your kids will absorb the city's beauty every day if they come here, better appreciated having to live in Rome. The second is that the school also follows the Italian Ministerial curriculum, which most of the other schools in Italy follow as well. They'll be studying like true Italians here! 


Core International School 

As the name suggests, learning Italian is at the core of the Core International School in Rome. Located in the beautiful Parioli district, one of the more charming of Rome's neighborhoods, this kindergarten to primary school teaches in English, but slowly introduces and phases into Italian and Italian studies. Your kids get to learn on both an international level and a local level as well, further broadening their horizons whilst imprinting a strong sense of Italian identity in them. Though this is an international school, this institution is for those who want their kids to learn more about the country they now reside in. 


The Finest International Schools in Rome


Rome International School

One of the newer schools on this list, the Rome International School has certainly made a large impression over the past few decades. Having opened in 1988, it continues to be a well-respected institution that helps set the standard of education in the city. And it doesn't hurt that it also has a very beautiful campus too. Though beyond that, this school's strength lies in its different departments. The Rome International School has strong arts, science, athletics departments, and more that help the students expand their interests, discover their passions, and work hard to realize their true potentials. 


St. George's British International School

With its above-average IB Diploma scores, the St George’s British International School proven its worth in terms of a strong academic institution. Welcoming students from ages 3 to 18, the institution hones their minds, helps improve their skills, and deepen their abilities to be the great citizens of the world that they're destined to be. Not to mention the fact that a good percentage of their graduates move on to study in some of the UK's most prestigious universities. While a strong few go overseas to the US to continue their higher education there. All in all, St George’s British International School is one of the best schools in Rome. 


St. Stephen's School

St Stephen’s School is as American as one can get as an educational institution in Rome. This isn't only because they follow an American curriculum for their many students, but also the type of courses they offer. This school has become well-known for its liberal arts, helping open the minds of its young students, allowing them to broaden their horizons and let curiosity drive them to learn more about the world. It's in this school that challenging the status quo is very much welcomed, even when it's located in one of the most traditional, historic, and arguably conservative cities in the world. 


The Finest International Schools in Rome


Rome may be the capital and heart of Italy, but the many international schools in this major city show that it welcomes all people from around the world. It's here where they get to learn and experience Italy in an educational and intrinsic way. 


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