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Top-Rated Schools in San Francisco

July 22, 2020
San Francisco is one of those cities that just feels complete. It's as if it has everything you'll need in a city. An efficient police department? Check! Fine hospitals to ensure your health and safety? Check! Great parks to go to when you're bored? Check! An awesome nightlife scene? Check! In fact, San Francisco isn't just for all you single travelers out there. It's also a family-friendly city, as proven by the amazing schools located here. The city has some of the best educational institutions in the Bay Area. Some that kids would greatly benefit from when they study there!

Top-Rated Schools in San Francisco


Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of Arts

If there's one thing you could say about San Francisco, it's an artistic city. People openly express their emotions here through street art and live performances. And if you see young kids doing that, they're likely students from the Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of Arts. One of the finest alternative high schools in the state, this institution trains artists of various disciplines in their chosen crafts. Though to be a student here, you'd have to already be good enough. They don't admit students based on test scored, they do so based on talent and skill. 


Lowell High School

A graduation rate of 99% and a college readiness rate of 90.1%. It's no wonder Lowel High School is among the most prestigious of its kind in San Francisco. By the excellence of its students alone, you could already tell that the quality of education offered here is through the roof. Other proofs of the high standards of this institution are the fact that 87% of its student body are proficient in math while 93% are good at reading. And in terms of overall ranking, Lowell High School comes fifth at all the schools in California while they're the top institution to beat in the city of San Francisco. 


Top-Rated Schools in San Francisco


KIPP San Francisco College Preparatory

When it comes to reading, the KIPP San Francisco College Preparatory is one of the finest in the city. As proven by the 81% proficiency rate of its student body. And because of such, around 89% of all students graduate on time. While that may not seem as impressive as the other schools on this list, it's still impressive nonetheless. The school's focus on reading helps its students better prepare for higher education once they graduate. They would have honed their own skills, formed their own studying routines, and will be more than ready for the college/university experience. 


George Washington High School

For it to have been ranked by Newsweek as the 497th best school in the USA, the George Washington High School in San Francisco must be really impressive. Now, it may seem that a top 500 spot isn't all that, but considering that there are about tens of thousands of schools in the country, that's something! And perhaps the reason why this institution has ranked this fairly high on the publication's list is because the school's approach to teaching kids has been efficient and effective. They hone their minds well enough to encourage critical thinking and logical reasoning. 


Abraham Lincoln High School

Having earned a gold medal from the U.S. News & World Report, the Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco propelled to massive popularity and high prestige. But to be frank, they didn't the medal to gain such a reputation in the first place. After all, their graduation rate sits comfortably at 89%. When it comes to specific subjects, they mostly do well in reading, garnering 65% proficiency in the area. But perhaps it's the safe environment that the school sustains for the students that continue to make parents enrolling their kids in this school. 


Top-Rated Schools in San Francisco


San Francisco may not be known for their schools, but that doesn't mean that the ones here aren't up to par with the rest of the country. The city is home to a good many institutions, some of which are the finest in the Bay Area. 

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