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What to do on New Year’s Eve in Rome

December 12, 2021
The Italians certainly know how to party so it’s no surprise that Rome is a great place to spend the final hours of December 31st and say hello to a new year. We’ve put together a list of the best places to head in the Italian capital from fireworks displays to quaint little wine bars. 
New years eve rome

Explore the Piazza Del Polpo

The Piazza Del Polpo is a large square in the centre of the city and is by far the most popular place to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Rome. Expect fireworks, DJs, performances by local bands and much more. The crowd is huge, often reaching into the tens of thousands so keep a good eye on your friends and just enjoy the atmosphere at one of the greatest New Year’s Eve parties in the world. 
rome new year
Source: Pino Pontuali

Watch the fireworks at Circus Maximus 

At this ancient Roman chariot racing stadium, the city puts on a huge party for residents and tourists to enjoy. It usually starts at around 9pm on the 31st and will continue through until New Year’s Day in Rome. You’ll find music, fireworks and entertainment for party-goers of all ages. 
new year rome
Source: The Times

Soak up the views on Gianicolo Hill

If you make the climb to the top of Gianicolo Hill, you’ll see the whole city lit up with fireworks below. Wrap up warm and take a picnic from one of the local delis and watch from afar as the whole city celebrates the new year. A very romantic setting for you and your loved one if you’re spending New Year’s Eve in Rome. 
rome new year
Source: Wanted in Rome

Feast on Italian food at Ditirambo

If there’s one thing Romans love more than a party, it’s their food. Lots of Italians opt to stay at home for New Year’s Eve, enjoying dinner at home with family and friends in a more traditional style. That means some of the city’s restaurants shut, but not all of them. Try and stay away from the tourist traps and seek out Ditirambo. The intimate trattoria will be open on the 31st and will be serving traditional Italian fair. What else? 
new year rome
Source: Ristorante Ditirambo

Villa Borghese

The gardens of Villa Borghese are host to the Art Cafe which puts on a New Year’s Eve disco in Rome. You’ll find a typical Italian buffet and then a DJ spinning tunes all night long. Go here to rub shoulders with the capital’s young and cool. 
rom new year
Source: Get Your Guide

A night of class at Swan Lake

New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be about drinking until you can’t see straight… it can also be a sophisticated affair. At the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome you can catch a performance of the iconic Swan Lake ballet and have a glass of champagne in the theatre bar afterwards. The perfect excuse to dress up. 
rome new year
Source: Event Seeker

Sip champagne at The Race Club Roma Speakeasy

Dress up like it’s the 1920’s and head to this gorgeous speakeasy bar in Rome. The music will be electro swing and the crowd will be beautiful. The vintage-inspired space is near the coliseum so you can also catch some fireworks as they happen. There will be a buffet and with your ticket you get free-flow prosecco all night. 
rome new year
Source: TripAdvisor

Dance the night away at Yellow Bar

If dancing until the sun comes up is your idea of a good time, then Yellow Bar is the place to go in Rome. This popular night spot is always packed and will have a steady flow of people for New Year’s Eve. You’ll meet lots of tourists here but plenty of locals too. 
rome new year
Source: Romeing

Sample the local wines at Capranica Enoteca e Taverna

So you want to have a drink, but you don’t want to do it in a sweaty bar or club surrounded by students. Well you’re in luck, because Rome is full of beautiful, classy, elegant wine bars like Capranica Enoteca e Taverna. A lot of them shut for New Year’s Eve but this one doesn’t so reserve a table here and make your way through the wine list while you feel ever so smug for planning ahead. 
rome new year
Source: The Fork
We hope this guide to what to do on New Year’s Eve in Rome will help you enjoy the celebrations in the Italian capital. The whole city is buzzing on the 31st so if you’re not much of a planner, take a walk around the city and you’re sure to stumble across some celebrations. 



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