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Athens' Top Five Co-Working Spaces

June 04, 2021
When you think of Athens, what comes to mind? Glorious Ancient Greek ruins? Cute souvenir shops with all sorts of traditional knick-knacks and souvenirs? The Mediterranean sun giving you a nice golden brown glow? These are all to be expected. For years, the Greek city has long been a great getaway destination, mostly for the rich and famous. But what if you can actually visit this place yourself for work? Yep, you can still actually work in this beautiful city. It has a lot fo great co-working spaces for you to get the job done! And here are the top five worth checking out!

Athens' Top Five Co-Working Spaces


Impact Hub

Other major cities in Europe had their own Impact Hub office, so why not Athens too? Similarly to the other branches in other parts of the continent, this co-working space in the heart of the famous Greek city is as convenient as the rest of them. It has all the facilities you need in a co-working space: great desk areas, private rooms for conference calls or team meetings, updated technology, delicious coffee, and more. It's no wonder the company has grown to become as big as it is now. It's always been a trusty space where you can ensure that you'll get things done in no time! 



By its name alone, you'd think that Romantso is the perfect spot for lovebirds or something. Well, if those lovebirds are going to work, it still can be! Retaining its name from the magazine upon which this place once housed, this co-working space offers a have for creatives to let ther mind juices flow and make something new and fresh. And it helps that they stay open for long hours. Heaven knows creatives need all the time they need! Additionally, with its own cultural center and events places, there's no end to what artistic people can present a showcase to the world here. 


Athens' Top Five Co-Working Spaces


Stone Soup

Nope, this isn't a small Greek restaurant that serves a special kind of soup. Stone Soup is actually one of Athens' finest open offices. Set along Charilaou Trikoupi, this hotspot offers up a relaxed and cozy space for professionals to chill while they work. There's no need for stuffy suits ti blazingly type away on their devices here. It's all about a cool vibe, one where you may better benefit. And there's no harm in joining their yoga sessions either! After all, you would work more productively when you're less stressed and more relaxed! 


The Cube 

It's easy to think that The Cube is itself a company office. With over seven floors of office space and other co-working facilities, it definitely looks the part. But it's their openness to all sorts of professionals and freelancers is what makes this place a great spot. Imagine: you have practically an infinite amount of offices and desks to choose from, and you don't have to use it for the rest of your stay here. But you'll want to once you've worked here, what with their clean interiors, ample space, secure private rooms, and more! An added bonus is they even have their own recording studio! 


Athens' Top Five Co-Working Spaces



Do you know why Tzaferi 16 deserves a spot on this list? The last one, no less? Back in 2018, it actually won the award for Best Coworking Space in Athens. Now that's quite an achievement, isn't it? but once you actually visit the place, it's no surprise to see how it won such an accolade. The place is totally complete with everything you need in order to work properly in a coworking space. Its vast office spaces include great desks that can hold everything you brought with you and private areas for important meetings. And if you need refreshments, their cafeteria will have everything you'll need too! 


Athens isn't just a historic city in Greece anymore. It may be a long time coming, but it's become quite the hub for freelancers and independent professionals to work in! Just look at their many coworking spaces and you'll see why! 


Athens' Top Five Co-Working Spaces

Of course, its coworking spaces aren't all of what makes Athens a worthwhile city to visit for business. Its luxury apartments are also good enough reasons to prolong your stay here!



Athens, Greece
167 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms8
Athens, Greece
160 € / night    
2 bedrooms1 bathroom6
Thissio, Greece
290 € / night    
5 bedrooms4 bathrooms10
Athens, Greece
400 € / night    
2 bedrooms1 bathroom7