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The Most Relaxing Spas in Antwerp

January 24, 2024
Antwerp offers a whole treasure trove of exquisite spas you won't want to miss! The city may not be the busiest, but it still gets hectic enough that you'll need a spa day occasionally. Even if you're not stressed, you deserve to pamper yourself sometimes too. Fortunately, the best spas in Antwerp are perfect for it! Check out The Wellness Room and get the treatments you deserve. Escape to the Botanic Health Spa and let the soothing powers of nature take over you. Or if you're more into hydrotherapy, Sauna L’Eau Pure is your hotspot!

The Most Relaxing Spas in Antwerp

Botanic Health Spa

From its name alone, you can already tell that the Botanic Health Spa can heal you in all sorts of ways. The hotspot earned its place among the best spas in Antwerp thanks to its gorgeous space, awesome amenities, and quality services. Housed in the five-star Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp hotel, the in-house spa is a relaxing retreat at the heart of the bustling city. When you've moved to Antwerp and have no time to escape it all, one session of this spa's traditional Chinese massage or intensive facial is more than enough to rejuvenate you!

The Wellness Room

Does the Wellness Room truly live up to its name? You bet it does! The massage spa is all about rubbing and pointing the tensions away. From a simple foot massage to a full-blown oil body massage, all of its treatments succeed in helping you unwind. What's great about the spa is that it tailors its treatments to fit your needs. They have massages for injuries, osteoporosis, trauma healing massages, and more. Whatever it is keeping your body all tensed up and stressed out, rest assured that the Wellness Room will take the pain away!

The Most Relaxing Spas in Antwerp

Sauna L’Eau Pure

Hydrotherapy is the name of the game at Sauna L’Eau Pure. Located on Parklaan, right in the middle of various neighborhoods of Antwerp, the spa offers a treasure trove of amazing amenities. You can expect indoor pools, whirlpools, jacuzzis, thermal baths, and of course, saunas. Don't forget about the infrared rooms and cool shower booths too. When you book a spa day here, they'll treat you like royalty. Not only will you gain access to its fascinating features, but they'll serve you delicious food too! Indulge in some scrumptious tapas, a tasty cheese platter, or a hearty Scampizza in between soaks and dips.

Yazu Spa

If you could only spend one day in Antwerp, spend it at the Yazu Spa! It’s another mecca of massages you'd want to check out in the city. Unlike the previously mentioned Wellness Room, this spa has a more Eastern tinge with its holistic approach. The massages, oils, and scents Yazu Spa offers come from various Asian cultures and influences. The biggest of them all is Japan, specifically with the ultimate goal of achieving zen. Be it a chocolate ritual or a full-body scrub, Yazu Spa has no qualms about using exotic techniques and spa rituals. Thus, you're sure to have a unique spa experience if you ever choose to book a day here!

The Most Relaxing Spas in Antwerp

Brasschaat Bathhouse

The Brasschaat Bathhouse's homely appeal is its true ace. Don't get it twisted: the luxury spas in Antwerp all have incredible spaces, but the residential feel of this bathhouse is second to none. It's one thing to help you relax with all sorts of treatments and therapies. It's a whole other ball game when they can do it whilst making you feel right at home. With the surrounding lush greeneries, the Brasschaat Bathhouse offers a rejuvenating home away from home. Packed with a high-quality sauna and a luxurious pool, there's no doubt you'll feel as good as new after a day here!

Massages Ripozo

Up for another massage spa in Antwerp? Perhaps you'd want to check out Massages Ripozo too! The place may be your typical massage parlor, but what it lacks in luxurious amenities, it makes up for with quality treatments. The massage therapists who work here know their stuff. They don't just massage you to help you relax. Their hands can also heal you in the most soothing and rejuvenating ways. Take their pregnancy massage, for example. Not only is this treatment relaxing for the expectant mother, but it will also soothe her child inside too.

Baan Phetara

Baan Phetara is a Thai massage spa in Antwerp. With its intimate lighting, velvet color scheme, and images of Buddha, the place exhibits the exotic but soothing spirit of Thailand. It's a little slice of the Southeast Asian country at the heart of this Belgian city. With a space so in-turned with Thai culture, do the massages live up to the hype? Of course, they do! Some therapists are even Thai themselves, guaranteeing an authentic treatment unlike any other. From how they work their hands to the scented oils they use, the spa is a small trip to Asia worth going on!

The Most Relaxing Spas in Antwerp

Relax in the finest spas in Antwerp and get your much-deserved pampering. Any of these exquisite hotspots will help you unwind and rejuvenate unlike any other! Before you know it, you'll turn into an entirely different person.

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