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Why Should You Visit The Swiss Alps?

September 10, 2023
Any seasoned traveler knows that the Swiss Alps are the ultimate escape. Since it's all the way atop steep mountains and right at the heart of the Swiss countryside, it takes a lot of effort to get there. But is it all worth it? You bet it is! For one thing, there's no scenery quite like the Swiss Alps. From its snow-covered slopes to its lush meadows, the entire place looks straight out of a fairytale. There's also the peace and quiet to enjoy too. If you want to escape the rest of the world, you couldn't have picked a better place!

Why Should You Visit The Swiss Alps?

See The Stunning Sceneries

The sweeping landscapes and magnificent mountains are enough of a reason to visit the Swiss Alps. They're not like the French Alps, for example, where the towns are really the stars of the show. In the Swiss Alps, the sceneries are just as worthwhile as the ski resort towns. Many would argue that they're the true reason why this place became the top tourist destination that it is. One look at the vast meadows colored with wildflowers and lush greenery is enough to inspire a good sense of wanderlust in anybody!

Play Winter Sports

It's no secret that people go to the Swiss Alps to ski. The scenery is beautiful and all, but most travelers go here to have their hand at winter sports. Saint Moritz, for example, even hosted the Winter Olympics twice. And Zermatt, arguably the most famous Swiss alpine town on the planet, is beloved for its ski slopes. So if you're into winter sports, there's no better place than the Swiss Alps. Near its dreamiest towns are the best slopes to ski on. They're high and cold, perfect for getting into the groove and letting out your inner athlete!

Why Should You Visit The Swiss Alps?

Be More Active

It's worth noting, however, that winter sports aren't the end-all and be-all of the Swiss Alps. Around 90% (possibly more) of the people who travel here might have skiing as their main priority, but even they know that there's more to do here than that. There's still hiking, mountain biking, canoeing on the lakes, and more. Among other things, the Swiss Alps inspire you to be more active. With such glorious views and magnificent scenery on other, you won't want to spend your time indoors. You'll prefer to be out and about as much as possible, to the point that not even the winter cold could faze you!

Breathe In The Fresh Air

The big Swiss cities of Bern, the capital of Switzerland, Zürich, Geneva, Basel, and more are good and all, but they all lack one thing: fresh air. This isn't to say that these metropolises are so polluted that you can no longer breathe, but like all major cities, their air is far from the cleanest. If you want fresh air at its purest, go to the Swiss Alps! Even in bustling towns, the air is still considerably cleaner than in big cities. You can also easily escape to the more nature-centric area and breathe in the freshest air out there!

Why Should You Visit The Swiss Alps?

Indulge in a Swiss Foodie Tour

Not a lot of people realize that the Swiss Alps are as much a foodie destination as Paris, London, Rome, and more. The towns here are from the food capitals, sure, but they offer the most authentic Swiss delicacies. Are you familiar with Gruyères cheese? Well, there's actually a Swiss alpine town of the same name. In fact, this is the town that produces the dairy product, hence, its name. You also shouldn't miss Rösti, the Swiss potato cake, and Bündner Nusstorte, a scrumptious alpine dessert. These and more prove that the Swiss Alps is a worthy foodie tour destination.

Enjoy The Best Swiss Wines

What's the best drink to pair with Swiss food? Swiss wine, of course! Fortunately, the Swiss Alps have a lot of great wineries on offer too! If you thought the vineyards in Italy were the only worthwhile ones in Europe, think again. The ones in the Swiss Alps are just as beautiful and produce wines that are just as good. It's just that skiing and the scenery are what make this part of Switzerland a top tourist destination. But in truth, these alpine wineries deserve just as much attention, especially in summertime!

Why Should You Visit The Swiss Alps?

Witness The Swiss Countryside Lifestyle

Arguably the best reason to visit the Swiss Alps is to witness the Swiss countryside firsthand. Rural life here has a certain charm that's all its own. You won't see it in the French countryside and its medieval towns or the Italian countryside and its famous vineyards. The Swiss provincial alpine lifestyle is much more idyllic. It practically defines the word! Think of shepherds walking with their flocks on meadows. Or yodeling kids playing on the mountainside. These are just fairytales! In the Swiss Alps, they're real life. Seeing it for yourself is an experience you won't ever forget!

Escape The Rest of The World

Speaking of the Swiss countryside, specifically in the Swiss Alps, this is the best place to escape the rest of the world. When you've reached a point in your life where you simply have to get away from it all, these alpine towns are the ideal destination. Firstly, since they’re mountain towns, you're literally far from the rest of the world. Though the Alps have their fair share of bustling communes, they're totally different from big cities and the like. Secondly, all that natural beauty will do wonders for your soul. They're perfect for finding yourself, letting everything go, and more.

Why Should You Visit The Swiss Alps?

There are a lot of great reasons why you should visit the Swiss Alps, especially if you fancy yourself as a bonafide globetrotter. Any seasoned traveler knows that the Swiss Alps are some of the most beautiful places in the world.

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