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What To Wear to Tomorrowland

June 04, 2023
As one of the most popular music festivals in the world, Tomorrowland is a much-publicized affair. Not only do the biggest EDM artists play here, but its famously fantastical stages often go viral on social media. And if you're to post about your attendance at this iconic event, you better dress up for it! What you wear to Tomorrowland will matter a lot. This isn't your ordinary music festival. The energy, the crowd, and the intensity are all on a whole other level. So to ensure that you have a good time, go for light pieces, comfy footwear, and go colorful too!

What To Wear to Tomorrowland

Colorful Clothes

Let's start with the obvious: colorful clothes! Who'd go to a music festival looking all drab? If you want to pop out at Tomorrowland, take a note out of the style staples in Coachella and go big with brightness. Since the event takes place in summer, it's the perfect time to bring out the neon! Or perhaps go for the rainbow look even though it's been a month after Pride Month. You can also stick with neutrals but do it in a chic way. Go crazy with black and white or earthy colors. That'd be a bold choice!
What To Wear to Tomorrowland

Tank Tops

Let's lean on summer fashion for Tomorrowland. After all, the event takes place every July, often the peak of the season in Belgium. You'll want to clothes to not just make you look good, but feel good too. Thus, the ultimate music festival style staple is a must: the tank top! What's great about the tank top is it's unisex and easy to rock. No matter your gender identity or body shape, you'll still look great in a tank top! You can also go colorful with your tank top to grab attention or stick to a neutral to appear sexier.
What To Wear to Tomorrowland

Include Some Sportswear

Sportswear is practically a godsend for music festival goers. Firstly, there's comfort. Sportswear is made to be comfortable no matter what you're doing. And in Tomorrowland, where you can expect to stand and dance for hours on end, wearing sportswear will keep you comfortable all the time. Secondly, sportswear is trendy. It's become a staple in streetwear and thus, you can still look fashionable in it. You might even end up looking like a pro athlete and people will still be impressed by your outfit. But it's still better to just sprinkle in some sportswear elements instead.
What To Wear to Tomorrowland

Waterproof Pieces

Don't underestimate what might happen to you at Tomorrowland. This isn't to say that it's a dangerous event to go to, but you never know what sorts of shenanigans you'll get into. Not the least of which is the possibility of getting wet! For one thing, Boom, Belgium, the official home of Tomorrowland, has a big lake that's often part of the festival too. Sometimes, they set up stages on the lake itself and even host water sports and the like. So there's a good chance you might get wet at Tomorrowland and it's important that include some waterproof pieces in your outfit.
What To Wear to Tomorrowland

Comfy Footwear

If there's one thing you should never forget when packing your Tomorrowland outfits, it's comfy footwear. Be they ballet flats or espadrilles, you'll need a pair that can last you a long time. Remember that Tomorrowland is a music festival that will have you on your feet for hours and hours. The EDM might help you forget about the pain for a little while, but at the end of the day, they'll suffer if you wear the wrong pair. Moreover, go for shoes that your feet are already used to. It's tempting to wear new shoes at the festival, but your feet will kill you for it!
What To Wear to Tomorrowland

Fan Merch

Still don't know what to wear? Here's a thought: why not sport some fan merch instead? Let's not forget that Tomorrowland invited some of the biggest EDM artists to perform on their grand stages. Many of them are famous names that already have their own fan merch. And look pretty cool too! So when it's their time to hit the stage, you can put on their merch and you'll look sick! It's also a great way to express how much of a fan you are of the artist performing.
What To Wear to Tomorrowland

Bring Costumes

Although comfort ought to be the number one priority, that doesn't have to stop you from having fun. Fashion is all about the fun in dressing up, after all, and if your body can handle it, who says you can't wear costumes to Tomorrowland? Rest assured that you won't look strange as it's become a tradition for many festival-goers to look as fantastical as the event's main stage. Some would go the usual sexy route while others will serve the full-on Disney movie fantasy. And of course, you're bound to grab all the attention at the festival!
What To Wear to Tomorrowland

Scene-stealing Accessories

For the icing on the cake, don't forget your scene-stealing accessories. These are a must for music festival fashion! Think golden jewelry, designer sunglasses, hippie bands, colorful bracelets, and more. Accessories are what complete a look. Oftentimes, they're the perfect touch to help the outfit grab more attention. And if you plan to wear simple pieces, it's easy enough to make up for the glamour through your accessories. The blingier the better! Moreover, the best part is you can just take them off if they start to feel uncomfortable. What's not to love?
What To Wear to Tomorrowland

What you wear to the Tomorrowland music festival will make all the difference. It's a bit tricky because you need to find the right balance between looking trendy and cool and staying comfortable all throughout the two-weekend event.

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