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What To Know About Mother's Day in South Africa

February 27, 2023
Ever wondered how they celebrate Mother's Day in South Africa? For a country that proudly bares the “Rainbow Nation” moniker, it's pretty fascinating to think how they celebrate certain holidays. Not just their own South African holidays but also the general ones that the rest of the world knows about. Of course, this includes Mother's Day. Did you know that in South Africa, people celebrate this holiday by giving carnations and writing cards in different languages? these unique traditions and practices are part of what makes the country so fascinating. And perhaps you might want to follow their example when you celebrate Mother's Day with your own mom.

What To Know About Mother's Day in South Africa

Mother's Day Used To Be on A Different Date

When is Mother's Day in South Africa? People today would say that it's on the second Sunday of May. That's when the rest of the world celebrates it too. Or at least, most of the other countries anyway. But back then, when South Africa was still a colony of the British Empire, they'd celebrate Mother's Day on the fourth Sunday of May, just like in the UK. The change in date became one of the many indications of how the country eventually strayed away from British influence when it became an independent nation.

All Women in The Family Are Celebrated

South Africa's customs when celebrating holidays are pretty unique. Even the way they celebrate Mother's Day is slightly different from what you might expect. As a family-centric nation, South Africans commemorate all the women in the family during Mother's Day. Apart from their mothers and grandmothers, they also express their love and gratitude to their aunts, older sisters & cousins, and even female teachers and mentors. For people in the “Rainbow Nation,” any woman who has guided and helped you along your way is regarded as a maternal figure.

What To Know About Mother's Day in South Africa

People Wear and Give Carnations

It's no secret that the carnation has become the symbol of Mother's Day over the years. It's often the go-to flower for when kids want to give their moms a bouquet. And moms wear carnations in different colors which hold special meaning. South Africans do this too, however, it's the other way around. In this country, the kids wear carnations on Mother's Day. According to The Daily Meal, those who wear red carnations show that their mothers are still living. While those who wear white carnations show that their mothers have passed on.

Mother's Day Cards Come in Different Languages

They don't call South Africa the “Rainbow Nation” for nothing. Among the many fascinating facts about this country is how diverse it truly is, particularly when it comes to languages. And of course, this applies to celebrating Mother's Day too! Did you know that you can get Mother's Day cards in different languages in South Africa? They come in Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, and of course, English too. So depending on what language you use in your home in the country, you'll still find the right greeting card to give to your mom, grandma, and other maternal figures in your life.

What To Know About Mother's Day in South Africa

It's no surprise that people celebrate Mother's Day in South Africa in such unique and fascinating ways. In fact, how they spend this holiday is a glimpse of how interesting the country's culture really is.

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