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How They Spend Mother's Day in Mexico

February 28, 2023
With its family-centered culture, holidays like Mother's Day are pretty important in Mexico. The people here treasure their family members dearly, especially the women who raised and took care of them. And while it's not exactly the biggest holiday in the country, Mother's Day in Mexico is still a pretty big deal. So much so that the country has certain ways of celebrating it. From serenading with a mariachi band to preparing a huge feast, there's a lot you can learn about how Mexican express their love and gratitude to their moms on this special day.

How They Spend Mother's Day in Mexico

Mother's Day is Always on The Same Date

Unlike in the US, where Mother's Day is always on the second Sunday of May no matter the date, Mother's Day in Mexico is always on May 10th. Even when it doesn't fall on a Sunday, the country still celebrates the holiday on this very date, becoming one of the most important holidays in Mexico. However, over the years, those who have ties in other countries (namely the US), have also adopted the custom of celebrating international Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May. They go so far as to hold multiple celebrations, giving gifts and preparing feasts on more than one occasion.

There Are Two Celebrations

Mexico perhaps has among the most unique Mother's Day traditions. Not only do they celebrate the holiday on a specific date, May 10th, but they also celebrate twice! This is because most Mexicans consider December 12th, the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, as a second Mother’s Day. As the patron saint of the country, this image of Mother Mary has a special place in people’s hearts. During her feast day, children and adults alike express their love and gratitude to their moms. It’s the same way they would every Mother’s Day too!

How They Spend Mother's Day in Mexico

Serenade With A Mariachi Band

When you're woken up by a full-blown mariachi band, there's a good chance you won't start the day right. As entertaining as they are, their loud music isn't exactly the most welcoming tune to wake up to. But mothers in Mexico don't mind it. At least, not when it's Mother's Day. Serenading one's mother with a mariachi band early in the morning is one of the country's most unique customs during this holiday. NPR even found that Mother's Day is among the busiest days for mariachi bands in Mexico. Talk about a lively holiday!

Always Give Your Mom Flowers

When you celebrate Mother's Day in Mexico, giving flowers is an absolute must. Even if you bought them something more expensive, perhaps even a luxury item, it's not complete with a bouquet or even just a single flower. Just how important are flowers on Mother's Day? Well, you can expect flower shops and markets to be completely packed right before May 10th. And on the holiday itself, you almost can't escape the smell of flowers in the air. As for what flower to choose, the carnation is always a good idea. It's become a symbol of the holiday.

How They Spend Mother's Day in Mexico

Prepare A Huge Feast

One of the best customs in Mexico is preparing a huge feast on holidays. Of course, this also includes Mother's Day. But since this is the mother's special day, it's the dad, kids, and other members of the family who have to take over kitchen duty. Some Mexican moms will be stubborn and insist on doing the cooking, but for the most part, they're asked to sit back, relax, and enjoy their special holiday. In this day and age, a lot of families would just eat out or order in. Though a good many of them will still prefer to go the old-fashioned way and cook the food themselves.

Don't Forget To Go To Church

This is an absolute must for Mexicans, who are mostly Roman Catholics. No matter the holiday, be it Mother's Day, Easter Sunday, or Christmas in Mexico, people have to hear mass. For some, it's become part of their holiday traditions. And even when May 10th doesn't fall on a Sunday, lots of people still find a way to hear mass on Mother's Day. They especially pray to Our Lady of Guadalupe, the country's patron saint and widely considered the 'national mother.' On her feast day on December 12th, churches all over the country are jam-packed as well.

Treat Your Mom Like A Queen

This is a given. When it's Mother's Day in Mexico, all moms in the country get to be treated as the “Las Reinas de la casa” (Queens of the home) that they are. As mentioned earlier, other family members encourage her not to work on the holiday, at least when it comes to doing house chores. The dad and the kids pick up the slack, all while the mom gets to sit back, relax, and enjoy her day. For older families, many adults go back to their own mother's homes and have a fiesta too. It's even become a good excuse to hold family reunions.

How They Spend Mother's Day in Mexico

It's pretty interesting to learn how they spend Mother's Day in Mexico. They celebrate this holiday pretty different compared to other counties. In a nutshell, it includes a mariachi band and a huge feast!

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