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Take Your Kids To These Fun Playgrounds in Montreal

January 27, 2023
Is Montreal a fun city for kids? The answer is yes, it is! There are plenty of things children can do in Montreal. One of which is to play in some of the most fun playgrounds around. When you're little ones are just chock-full of energy and you need a place for them to let it all out, take them to the best parks in Montreal. These include Zigzagzoo, WooHoo, Funtropolis, Kidzillafun, and more! In these awesome play areas, you can let them loose and they'll have the time of their lives. Don't worry! These places are safe too.

Take Your Kids To These Fun Playgrounds in Montreal


As the largest amusement center in Canada, there's no way that WooHoo won't start off this list! In fact, not just in Canada, but WooHoo is the biggest indoor playground in all of North America. That alone should convince you to bring your kids here. As for what your little ones will do here, they can go down the tornado slides, go ballistic in the ball blaster arena, or jump up and down the spider trampoline. At the end of the day, you'll feel more exhausted just watching them! Hope you guys save up all your energy before going here.
Take Your Kids To These Fun Playgrounds in Montreal
Source: Centre D'Amusement Woohoo Facebook Page


Located on Avenue Saint-Charles, Zigzagsoo will let out your kid's inner animal. Your little ones who are 12 and under will go absolutely crazy in this four-level indoor playground. There are slides, tunnels, things they can climb, and more. Your little ones can spend an entire day in Monteal just having fun this utopia for children. And at the end of the day, they'll still want to play more! Oh, and for the smaller kids, you don't need to worry! There's a special area for infants and toddlers in Zigzagzoo. Talk about convenience!
Take Your Kids To These Fun Playgrounds in Montreal
Source: Zigzagzoo


It's not farfetched to think that Funtropolis is already a theme park rather than just a standard playground. The Spin Zone, for example, is very similar to the bumper car rides you'd see in theme parks. There's also the X Rider, Funtropolis's own answer to the scream-inducing roller coaster. And of course, there are still the playground staples like slides, ball pits, monkey bars, and more. With so much to offer, your kids won't ever want to leave. Especially when you bring them here on their birthday! That's right! Funtropolis is a major favorite for kids' birthday parties.
Take Your Kids To These Fun Playgrounds in Montreal
Source: Funtropolis


Do you know what's another popular venue for kids' parties in Montreal? Kidzillafun on Newman Boulevard. You can even say that this is the playground's specialty. Beyond the fun attractions, it's the party venue that most families go for. But make no mistake! The playground here is still pretty exciting for the little ones. There are swirly slides, wendy houses, and hanging sacks they can swing on. Kidzillafun may have fewer to offer than the other places on this list, but this is the kind of playground where children can let their creativity guide their playtime.
Take Your Kids To These Fun Playgrounds in Montreal
Source: Kidzillafun

Kazoom Café

Finally, there's Kazoom Café. As a family fun staple, you can expect this place to liven up every weekend. Especially when they're hosting a party. Just like Kidzillafun, the play areas here are pretty limited. There are the usual playhouses, slides, tunnels, and the like. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. For one thing, this allows the kids to run around more. You're also more able to look after them no matter what they do. From the comforts of your table here, you can easily spot your kid when they're sliding down, playing house, or climbing on top of things.
Take Your Kids To These Fun Playgrounds in Montreal
Source: Kazoom Café (St Laurent) Facebook Page

When your kids are rearing to go wild and play all day, take them to these awesome playgrounds in Montreal. These hotspots also serve as the best locations for their birthday parties and the like too!

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