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Follow These Tips When You Go On A Safari in South Africa

January 03, 2023
A South African safari is always a thrilling and exciting adventure. You get to explore largely unchartered territories, meet all sorts of animals, and completely immerse yourself in Mother Nature. Who wouldn't want to experience something like that at least once in their lives? Though, as awesome as that all sounds, it can get pretty dangerous pretty quickly if something bad happens. And more often than not, all it takes is one wrong movie. That's why you should know a few tips for going on a South African safari. Always remember to listen to the guide, never go out on your own, and bring the right gear.!

Follow These Tips When You Go On A Safari in South Africa

Know The Best Time to Go

First things first, you ought to know the best time to go on a safari in South Africa. Remember that you're basically going into the wild outdoors here. Some may have luxury lodgings and fancy accommodations, but for the most part, all you have to rely on is the safari truck or even your own camping tent. Nevertheless, you'll be exposed to Mother Nature when you go on a safari so it's best to pick a time when it's warm outside. That's mostly around summer, from December to February, here in South Africa.

Always Listen to The Guide

When your South African safari starts, the guide is king! They're the ones who know the ins and outs of the area. They're also likely used to interacting with the wildlife that roams freely in these nature reserves. Also, in terms of getting a great shot of the animals, they know where and when to capture the right moment. Now, you may feel excited about getting to experience a safari in South Africa, but don't get too overzealous that you're no longer paying attention to the guide. No matter what happens, the guide is the only person that can get you out of trouble.

Follow These Tips When You Go On A Safari in South Africa

Never Go Out on Your Own

In the same vein, never go out on your own during a safari in South Africa. Always stick to the crowd and, most especially, the guide. Even when nature calls, make sure you let the guide know. They're not gonna accompany you when you do your business, don't worry! They'll simply direct you to where you can go so that you can still avoid going face-to-face with the wildlife in the area. And it's even more dangerous at night. If you're simply camping out under the stars, it's even more vital that you don't wander out on your own. You never know where you might end up amidst the stark darkness.

Bring The Right Gear

Upon preparing for your South African safari, it's important to bring the right gear. Don't forget the comfortable shoes, sturdy backpacks, and high-quality camera that can give you the best shots possible. If allowed, you'd also want to bring along a nice cooler for your drinks. The South African heat is no joke and you'll want some cold water or even just ice to cool you down when it gets a bit much. Also, as cliche as this sounds, a pair of binoculars is also a must! It's your best bet to spot wild animals if there are none on your trail.

Follow These Tips When You Go On A Safari in South Africa

Charge Your Devices

Never forget that going on a South African safari means you'll be treading away from civilization. And as such, you need to charge all your device beforehand. How awful would it be that you spot a magnificent lion, for instance, you can't take a picture because your gadget is low on battery. And though you might not get a signal, there are many ways your phone can save you if you ever get lost. So before you start the safari, make sure all your devices have a lot of juice in them. Or you can also pack a power bank so you can charge them up whenever.

Only Wear Earth-Toned Neutrals

There's a reason why typical safari outfits are in earth-toned neutrals. Khaki and olive green may not be the most fashionable colors, but they work wonders for your safari in South Africa. Firstly, since safaris can get pretty rough, getting such colors dirty isn't as bad as, say, white clothes. Secondly, wearing bright colors is an absolute no-no! Instead of you spotting a wild animal, the creature might just spot you and charge full-on! And on the subject of clothes, women ought to avoid dresses and skirts. Pants and shorts offer more agency which is important for going on safaris.

Don't Forget Your Insect Repellant

And finally, never forget your insect repellant. Put on a coat or two before you start the safari. And as the adventure goes on, make sure to re-apply some coats along the way. Unbeknownst to many, disease-carrying insects are the deadliest animals on earth. It's not the lions and leopards that you ought to worry about. It's the flies that might infect you with malaria and other deadly illnesses. And unfortunately, there are plenty of them in the wildlife reserves in South Africa. Your best bet is to cover up (which isn't exactly ideal under the hot sun) or wear insect repellant!

Follow These Tips When You Go On A Safari in South Africa

When you go on a safari in South Africa, a lot can go wrong. It's fun and exciting, sure, but if you don't follow these important tips, things can go south in an instant! It might even lead you into extreme danger if you're not careful.

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