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The Five Finest Places to Go Glamping in South Africa

January 02, 2023
South Africa is one of the best places to go glamping. Of course, you probably already know that the “Rainbow Nation” is also perfect for camping, hiking, and all sorts of outdoor activities. But there are a few places namely AfriCamps, Chapungu Luxury Tented Camp, Tanda Tula Safari Camp, West Coast Luxury Tents, and Ndzhaka Camp, that offer glamping too. They provide the perfect sites for a glamorous time outdoors. And yes, they're of the highest quality too. Just one glamping trip to any of these places and you'll never want to go camping the ordinary way again. That's a guarantee!

The Five Finest Places to Go Glamping in South Africa


Did you know that South Africa housed the longest wine road in the world? It's one of the most unique things about the country. With so many vineyards in the Western Cape, the amount of wine you get to enjoy is awe-inspiring. Even more so if you can drink them during your glamping trip. Fortunately, you can do just that at AfriCamps at the Stanford Hills Estate. Located two hours away from Cape Town, this luxurious glampsite includes well-crafted lodges, amazing scenery, and yes, fine wine too. You can even go to Hermanus in Cape Town to go whale-watching too!
The Five Finest Places to Go Glamping in South Africa
Source: AfriCamps

Chapungu Luxury Tented Camp

Located in the Thornybush Game Reserve inside the Kruger National Park, the Chapungu Luxury Tented Camp is just what its name offers. Eight luxurious air-conditioned tents are set in this incredible patch of wildlife in the national park. It's almost more like a five-star resort than a typical glamping site. There's even a spa and a rock pool for you to enjoy. And come dinnertime, you get served a fancy three-course meal paired with fine South African wine. Is this still technically glamping? Not sure. But it is a heavenly experience worth having while you're there!
The Five Finest Places to Go Glamping in South Africa
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Tanda Tula Safari Camp

“Love the quiet” is the English translation for the Zulu name of Tanda Tula Safari Camp. And to be honest, they couldn't have picked a more accurate description of the site. Though it's Greater Kruger National Park in Timbavati, the Tanda Tula Safari Camp site is a fair distance away from the more commercial areas. Instead, you're a lot closer to the Nlharalumi riverbed where wild dogs run around and large lions laze about. Don't worry! You're not so near that they can get to you. The big gorgeous huts of Tanda Tula Safari Camp remain in an enclosed space from all the surrounding wildlife.
The Five Finest Places to Go Glamping in South Africa
Source: Tanda Tula Facebook Page

West Coast Luxury Tents

Just how luxurious are the West Coast Luxury Tents? Well, not only are they large and air-conditioned, but you also get your own private beach in the area too. It's as if you're renting a luxury villa in Cape Town with a secluded shoreline beside it. Not only that, but the site also has its own private airstrip. If you want to fly high up in the sky, you can do just that and see the amazing birdlife in the area. And to finish the day with a bang, a delicious dinner under the sunset is an absolute must!
The Five Finest Places to Go Glamping in South Africa
Source: West Coast Luxury Tents

Ndzhaka Camp

When you go glamping in South Africa, you're probably expecting to see an elephant or two, right? Perhaps even a buffalo? Well, if you're determined to meet such magnificent creatures here, you'd do well to go glamping at the Ndzhaka Camp. The site is located on the banks of the N’waswitsontso riverbed, amidst the tall trees and big bushes. The area is near a dam where many of the region's most majestic residents bathe and drink water. As for the site itself, it's a cool yet cozy space where you can relax and unwind under the clear South African skies.
The Five Finest Places to Go Glamping in South Africa
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Planning to go glamping in South Africa? Then remember these five best glamping sites in the country. They combine first-class luxury and the great outdoors into an unforgettable experience that might just change your life!