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The Best Spas in Morzine

November 10, 2022
Morzine, the beautiful ski town in the French Alps, is your quintessential winter wonderland. There are lots of winter sports, luxury chalets, warm cafes, and more. You can plan your perfect ski holiday in Morzine with no problem at all! Even if you don't plan to go skiing and all that stuff, at least there are still many exceptional spas in Morzine. There's Hôtel Le Sporting, for example, known for its exquisite sauna. As well as Chalet Hôtel Les Prodains, the type of spa you'd go to for outdoor swimming. If you simply want to relax and enjoy the sights here in Morzine, enjoying a spa day in any of these hotspots is your best bet!

The Best Spas in Morzine

Chalet Hôtel Les Prodains

Located a good four kilometers away from the center of Morzine, Chalet Hôtel Les Prodains is a serene luxury hotel and spa where you can relax and spend time away from all the hustle and bustle. It has all the staples you'd expect in such an establishment: a nice sauna, bubbling hot tubs, and even an outdoor pool. If you go to Morzine during spring or summer, this is one of the best places to have a dip all while enjoying that fresh Alpine sunshine. And though there are plenty of amazing ski holiday chalets to rent in Morzine, you're better off booking a room considering its location.

Hôtel & Spa Le Dahu

Hôtel & Spa Le Dahu boasts its highly acclaimed wellness spa to hotel guests and non-residents alike. You don't have to book a room at the hotel to enjoy its amenities. All you have to do is to book your spa day—10:00 am to 16:00 (4:00) pm for external guests and up to 22:00 (10:00) pm for hotel guests—and you're good to go. But when you actually enjoy their 28°C (82°C) thermal pool, steaming hammam, and signature massages, you'd sooner want to get to a room here so you can enjoy all their amazing services further.

The Best Spas in Morzine

Hôtel Club Le Crêt

Out of all the things you expected to do in the French Alps, you didn't expect a spa day to be one of them, did you? Especially not the kind of spa day you'd get to enjoy if you go to Hôtel Club Le Crêt in Morzine! This place has everything you'd expect in a first-class spa in a major city. Pools and jacuzzis to warm you up? Check! A steam room to help you sweat all your stress away? Check! And even a fitness center to help you keep in shape? Check! What more could you ask for?

Hôtel Igloo

Hôtel Igloo is the perfect name to bestow upon this charming bed and breakfast in Morzine. From their cozy rooms to their exquisite spa, you'd truly feel as warm and toasty as an Eskimo in a real igloo somewhere in North America. But now, you're in the French countryside and if there's one thing you can expect here, it's excellent service to tourists. And what could be more excellent than a hot hammam to keep up your body heat amidst the dropping temperature? Or a nice massage that will take away all your aches from skiing and other winter sports?

The Best Spas in Morzine

Hôtel Le Samoyede

While all the other spas in Morzine boast first-class amenities and whatnot, the spa here at Hôtel Le Samoyede is all about its incredible massages. Sure, this place still has the usual jacuzzis and hammams on offer, but what truly draws in the guests are the massages. There's the 'Greedy Massage' treatment, for example, which includes a body scrub that will wash away all your troubles. For expecting mothers, you can enjoy the 'Mother-To-Be Treatment' so that you can stay comfortable despite your condition. And if you're up for a more exotic treatment, the Indian-style 'Ayurvedic Massage' will surely do the trick!

Hôtel Le Sporting

After a long day of skiing and other winter sports, all you want to do is relax, right? And while you can always relax in your own luxury rental in Morzine, Hôtel Le Sporting offers a different sort of replenishment. Just as its name says, this hotel welcomes athletes and adrenaline junkies who went to the ski town to do all sorts of strenuous activities. So it only makes sense that they also offer a relaxation area that helps rejuvenate their guests after a hard day of moving around. From steam rooms and saunas to facials and massages, you'll feel like a whole new person after visiting their spa!

The Best Spas in Morzine

Hôtel Les Côtes

Located between Leman Lake and Mont-Blanc, Hôtel Les Côtes is already an enchanting place to begin with. But once you've gotten to luxuriate in their in-house spa, you'll love it here even more! The wellness and leisure areas of Hôtel Les Côtes are all about rest and relaxation with a capital Rs. There's the humid heat of the hammam, the steaming sensations of their sauna, the bubbling tickles of their jacuzzis, and the expert hands of their first-class masseurs. There's no doubt that you'll feel as good as new every time you reserve a session or book a spa day here!

La Clef des Champs

Finally, there's La Clef des Champs. Boasting fabulous bedrooms, a chic bistro, and amazing views, there's already a lot in store for you here. But if you feel like your body needs some fine-tuning before you head on over to the slopes, their wellness area will take care of you right away. Above all else, La Clef des Champs's spa is all about body care. One way to do that is to heat it up by way of thermal pools, hot tubs, and slick saunas. You can even enjoy this with your entire family via the outdoor swimming pool. Don't worry! It's heated at 30°C (86°F) so even when you're surrounded by snow, you'd still feel all warm and toasty!

The Best Spas in Morzine

Want to relax and take a break from all the winter sports here in the French Alps? Fortunately, there are tons of first-class spas in Morzine, each offering amazing treatments and awesome amenities for you to enjoy!

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