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Follow These Tips When You Go Skiing in Morzine

November 11, 2022
Here in Morzine, the famous ski town in France's Rhône-Alpes region, skiing is a way of life. Both locals and tourists who come here love this place for one thing: skiing! As well as other winter sports too, of course! In any case, whether you're an adrenaline junkie or not, you haven't truly been to Morzine if you haven't skied down the majestic slopes here. From the heart-pumping rush to the amazing scenery, there's nothing like it! But if you are a neophyte in skiing, however, you'd do well to be more careful. Follow important tips like bringing your own skis, getting the right size of goggles, and listening to your instructor.

Follow These Tips When You Go Skiing in Morzine

Bring Your Own Skis (If You Can)

Although there are plenty of ski rentals here in Morzine, it'd still help you a lot if you brought your own. For one thing, since skiing is practically the main thing to do in the French Alps, especially here in Morzine, you should've brought your own pair in the first place. And even if you planned to rent them instead, there's no guarantee that you will return them in mint condition. If you're a beginner in skiing, for instance, and you make all sorts of mistakes that eventually damage your skis, you're gonna have to pay a lot of money in compensation!

Avoid Wearing White

In terms of what you ought to wear, avoid the color white. Not that there's anything wrong with the color, but remember that you are high up in the mountains of the French Alps. Even though Morzine has become a highly commercialized ski town, the slopes are a different story. Many of these parts are still considered part of the wild, therefore, it's easy to get lost here. And if that happens, it'd be easier to find you if your clothes didn't match the white snow. If you do wear bright colors and neon hues, for example, you'd easily stand out and, in turn, be easy to spot!

Follow These Tips When You Go Skiing in Morzine

Know The Different Colored Pistes

Here in the French Alps, the slopes are divided into what they call the 'pistes.' Each piste corresponds to a specific color and each color, in turn, corresponds to a certain skill level. Firstly, there's the green piste, also commonly referred to as the 'Nursery Area.' These slopes are for beginner skiers. You'd mostly see ski schools and instructors teaching their students the basics here. Secondly, there's the blue piste, which corresponds to intermediary skills. These are experienced skills who already know how to ski but aren't that advanced yet. And third, there are the red and black pistes, which are, of course, for advanced skiers.

Get The Right Size of Goggles

The importance of the right gear can't be stressed enough. If you thought that you only need the right pair of skis, think again. Wearing the right size of goggles is also just as important. You wouldn't want your pair to interfere with your skiing, would you? Imagine how annoying it'd be if you continually have to fix your goggles as you go down the slopes. And it's even worse if it clouds your vision too. This can lead to all sorts of accidents. Or worse, possibly even to a tragedy or two. Keep in mind that ski-related deaths are more common than you think!

Follow These Tips When You Go Skiing in Morzine

Ski With People With Similar Skills Level

When you want to ski with others, try to join those with the same skill set as you. If you're just a beginner, join the other beginners. If you're already advanced, then you'll fit right in with winter athletes and even ski instructors. This isn't to discriminate those who know how to ski from those who do. But rather, it's all about ensuring that everyone has a good time. Wouldn't you trouble the more advanced skiers if you try to match their level when you're only a beginner? And on the flip side, you have to admit that as an experienced skier, you might lose your patience if you constantly have to wait for the neophytes to catch up to you.

Stand Tall

Never forget to stand tall. It's among the most basic ski lessons you'll learn when you first get into it. In fact, only when you stand tall on your skis will you learn to balance yourself properly. It's practically the first thing you have to master before you even go up the slopes. So when you need to balance yourself as you zoom down the French Alps here in Morzine, never forget to stand tall. You'd do well to practice it a few times before you go up the slopes!

Follow These Tips When You Go Skiing in Morzine

Be Wary of The Snow

This side of the French countryside gets a lot of snow during winter. And as beautiful as it is, it does make skiing a bit more dangerous. Even here in Morzine! If you thought that the slopes in this ski town remain the same all winter long, you're sadly mistaken. Even if you've already mastered a slope and you feel as if you know it like the back of your hand, one snowstorm is enough to change everything. Suddenly there are bumps, piles of snow in one area and not enough in another. You'd totally lose your groove because of all that snow!

Always Listen To Your Instructor

Above all else, always listen to your ski instructor. If you're a beginner, this is a no-brainer! Since you know little to nothing about the sport and your skills aren't up to par yet, your instructor should be the only person you'll listen to. And even if you already possess intermediate and advanced skills, listening to ski instructors will still help you. They might teach you new tricks that will help improve your abilities. At the same time, since the instructors live here, they're more aware of the area than you think. Their advice might just save your life if something happens!

Follow These Tips When You Go Skiing in Morzine

You may have gone to Morzine to ski but don't think it's all easy peasy! You'd do well to follow these helpful tips to ensure that you stay safe up there in the French Alps. You'll have a better time skiing in Morzine if you do!

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