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Where to Get The Best Ski Lessons in Morzine

November 11, 2022
If you want to learn how to ski, there's no better place to go than Morzine. Located in the Portes du Soleil ski area of France, near the Swiss Border, this place is all about winter sports. Especially skiing! With so many slopes to offer, beginners will eventually get to advanced levels in no time. That is if your instructor is great at teaching you. The key to learning how to ski is an awesome instructor. But where will you find one? Well, there's the BASS, Easy2Ride, and The Snow School, to name a few. Hands down, they offer the best ski lessons in Morzine!

Where to Get The Best Ski Lessons in Morzine


Let's start this list with BASS or the 'British Alpine Ski School.' To say that they offer everything is an understatement! BASS has adult classes and children's classes, private lessons & group sessions, as well as courses tailored to your level of skiing. Whether you're new to the sport or you're already advanced and you just want to polish your skills, this school is here to help. The best part is that as long as you speak and/or understand English, there won't be a language barrier. It's a British school, after all!


Covering the Morzine-Avoriaz, Easy2Ride welcomes everybody who wants to learn how to ski. And yes, that includes children too. Much like BASS, Easy2Ride also offers ski lessons for all age groups. You can even choose whether you want to join a small class or private ski lessons. You do, however, have to learn French first because most of the instructors here are native speakers. Many of them know enough English, of course, but for more seamless lessons, it's better when the teacher and student know and understand the same language. It's the only way you can be good enough to ski down all sorts of slopes here in the French Alps!

Where to Get The Best Ski Lessons in Morzine


Just as its name suggests, Evolution2 is a ski school that will help you evolve into quite the winter sports athlete. Even when you're just a neophyte, consistent and continuous lessons from them are enough to make you ready for the high slopes. And that includes other winter sports too! Apart from skiing, Evolution2 also teaches snowboarding, mountain biking, and anything else that there is to do in the French Alps. More than just your average ski school, they also provide other exciting services to help you have the time of your life here in Morzine.


Compared to all the other ski schools on this list, you'd do well to start at SnowTribe first. It's safe to say that they're the best and most suitable for beginner skiers. Firstly, there's the fact that most, if not all of their instructors are born and raised here in Morzine. They know this area of the French countryside like the backs of their hands. You'll hardly ever get lost under their guidance. Secondly, it's a bilingual school too! Even if you can't understand French, the instructors speak English too so you don't have to worry about the language barrier. And third, they're some of the most patient ski instructors you'll find here!

Where to Get The Best Ski Lessons in Morzine

Supreme Ski & Snowboard School

You can already tell by its name that the Supreme Ski & Snowboard School is all about winter sports. Founded in 1991, this institution has spent decades teaching people how to ski and be one with the French Alps. That includes children too! From the age of 5 to 15, your kids can learn how to ski from some of the most professional instructors in town. Don't worry! They've never lost a child yet more do they ever plan to in the future. Your little ones are safe in their hands. As for you, you can either join a group lesson or get private ones for your convenience!

The Snow School

Finally, there's The Snow School! It's a premium institution for both kids and adults that only accept 4 to 6 students in a group. Of course, they also offer private lessons too if you prefer. Nevertheless, whether you join a group or on your own, rest assured that you're being taught by the best of the best. The Snow School is pretty meticulous with their lessons, ensuring that you understand the basics and all the right moves before you even go to the slopes yourself. And yes, the instructors are also bilingual so language isn't an issue here either!

Where to Get The Best Ski Lessons in Morzine

Want to learn how to ski in Morzine? Then enroll in these finest ski schools! They offer the best ski lessons in Morzine and they'll help you out whether you're new to the sport or you're already at an advanced level!