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Switzerland’s Most Popular Property Listing Websites

September 20, 2022
You can say that Switzerland is the lap of luxury of Europe. Not only because there are many luxury brands here, but also for the many wonders that this beautiful country offers. Stunning sceneries, amazing delicacies, unmatched serenity, and even some clean fresh air. Getting to travel to Switzerland is already a blessing, what more if you could own a place here too? Buying a property in Switzerland would be one of the best investments you'll ever make. Pick the right one to purchase by going on the top property listing websites in the country like Homegate, Immoscout24, iCasa, or Immostreet!

Switzerland’s Most Popular Property Listing Websites


Boasting over 50,000 amazing properties in Switzerland, it's no surprise that Homegate is among the most popular property listing websites in the country. With so many to choose from, finding the right real estate is already half the fun. Homegate also prides itself as 'Switzerland's smartest property search' and it's clear as day as to why. Firstly, the website comes in English, which allows international buyers to navigate it with ease. The portal also comes with a few great services, ranging from moving company comparisons to a tax calculator for your financial needs. What's not to love?


Immoscout24 is already pretty famous in Germany so it makes sense that it's also one of the top property portals in Switzerland. But what does it have, exactly, that makes it popular not just in one, but two countries? Firstly, it's easy to use. Immoscout24 is so straightforward that even kids can understand it at first use. Just type in the details that you're looking for in your ideal real estate in Switzerland and you'll find it in a flash. But Immoscout24's help doesn't stop there! Once you've found the property you're looking for, they'll assist you even further. They'll help you get a mortgage, calculate your costs, and more.

Switzerland’s Most Popular Property Listing Websites


Over 33,000 homeowners trust Newhome enough to have their properties listed on its platform. If they find this property listing website in Switzerland, shouldn't you too? What's great about Newhome is the quality of the platform. Marketing real estate online depends on the images presented. And the ones here are undeniably high-quality. The photos of each place are so clear that you can practically feel like you're there. If it's an apartment in Zürich, for instance, you can already whiff the nearby cheese shops! If it's in Geneva, you can feel the cool air billowing against your face.


With such a catchy name, iCasa presents itself as an online real estate showroom. And you know what? That's not that far from the truth. Above all else, iCasa prioritized setting up high-quality virtual tours. If you thought that Newhome makes you feel like you're already there on the property, this portal takes it even further. Think 360° views of the entire place, giving you a more realistic taste of what you'll see when you're actually there. Of course, with that comes quality images and footage that are so clear that they're practically virtual reality! Pretty cool, right?

Switzerland’s Most Popular Property Listing Websites

Urban Home

Let's say you're moving to Zürich, one of the major cities and the financial hub of Switzerland. In such a bustling metropolis, you'd want a luxury apartment that has enough space yet is also convenient, right? Enter Urban Home! This property listing website is all about finding you a home in the biggest Swiss cities out there. Though it limited the kinds of properties you'll find here, it does fulfill a certain niche in the market that's in high demand. Accompanied by their partner companies and institutions that offer up all sorts of services related to real estate in Switzerland, this property portal has you covered!


Don't let Acheter-Louer's name fool you. Yes, it's a French name (which translates to 'buy-rent' in English) for a property portal but its scope isn't limited to only that of the French-speaking cantons in Switzerland. This platform features real estate in all the other parts of the country, allowing you to broaden your search for the right place for you. And just as its name says, this website is all about giving you a peek at the top-notch properties that you can either rent or buy. Not only that, but they also give real-time updates on various viewing on available real estate.

Switzerland’s Most Popular Property Listing Websites

Better Homes

With such a name as Better Homes, this property listing website certainly has quite a name to live up to. And it's fair to say that they do live up to their name. Sure, their list may be limited to only around 2,300 available properties, but rest assured that each and every one of them is worth your while. For this property portal, quality over quantity is followed. It may not have that many to show, but what they do have do offer a lot! Think cozy apartments in the countryside that has lots of fresh air. Or chich chalets by the alps!


And finally, there's Immostreet, undoubtedly one of the most popular property portals in Switzerland. 'Searching for real estate made easy,' says their homepage, and that's exactly what they do! The platform's search engine is pretty easy to use. You can put in as many details as you want and it can whittle down your search until you find the right place for you. And if you're in need of assistance, Immostreet is also there to help. Whether it's with financing your purchase of new real estate in Switzerland or tips to accomplish the process properly.

Switzerland’s Most Popular Property Listing Websites

If you ever want to buy an apartment or a house in Switzerland, you need to pick the right one. Check out what's available on the market right now by visiting the country's top property listing websites!

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