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The Five Most Romantic Spots in Frankfurt

August 22, 2022
Frankfurt isn't exactly a romantic city. At least, compared to the likes of Paris, Rome, and Barcelona. When up against such famous destinations, one could hardly think of Germany's financial hub as a suitable escape for lovers. Nevertheless, the city still has a few spots where you and your special someone will get all the feels. Romerberg, Alte Oper, Mainkai, Palmengarten, and Eschenheimer Turm are just some of the most famous. They prove that going to Frankfurt for your honeymoon is not a bad idea. And if you go on a date in any of these places, you're sure to get all lovey-dovey in no time!

The Five Most Romantic Spots in Frankfurt


Every European city has a main square or two where most people stroll around, hang out, or eat in a nearby cafe. For Frankfurt, it's Römerberg. Known for its old-world charms, this public square is among the most popular in all of Frankfurt's neighborhoods. The timbered houses, the cobblestone streets, and the Justitia statue in the middle tick all the boxes of what makes for a great and grand European public square. And for couples, hanging out here would feel so romantic. It's pretty busy, sure, but it's the fact that you get to enjoy each other's company amidst such a bustling crowd is what makes it so lovely.
The Five Most Romantic Spots in Frankfurt
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Alte Oper

Dress up to the nines and make a date out of going to the opera! If you and your special someone are both classical music fans, then you'll want to go to Alte Oper together. Located in the Innenstadt district, it's the grandest opera hall in the city. The structure itself is a feast for the eyes, designed by the historic architect, Richard Lucae. Upon entering, you'll instantly feel like you're a sophisticated Victorian couple going out for a night at the theater. Fortunately, Alte Oper still hosts many incredible shows and performances to this day.
The Five Most Romantic Spots in Frankfurt
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Wolfgang Pehlemann


Up for a stroll date with your significant other? Consider walking down Mainkai. Located on the right bank of the Main River, it's a pretty historic area in the city. Especially since it used to serve as the port of Frankfurt a couple of centuries ago. Nowadays, however, it's all about the scenic views and the refreshing atmosphere. Walking here and enjoying the calm waters of the river makes for a great and affordable date. Oh, and you won't want to miss the incredible Mainkai Cafe here too! A hot cup of coffee awaits you here!
The Five Most Romantic Spots in Frankfurt
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Simsalabimbam


What's more romantic than flowers? A beautiful botanical garden is just what the doctor ordered if you and your partner want to escape all the hustles and bustles of the city. And here in Frankfurt, there's no better place than Palmengarten! Located in the Westend-Süd district, it's one of the three biggest gardens in the city. And since it's around 22 hectares, you can get lost in all of the botanical bliss it offers. Fabulous flora, serene ponds, and greenhouses chockful of fascinating plants, not to mention some much-needed peace and quiet. What more could you ask for?
The Five Most Romantic Spots in Frankfurt
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Karsten Ratzke

Eschenheimer Turm

A medieval tower is just what you need for your fairytale romance in Frankfurt. Though it used to serve as a city gate, it has since become one of the most famous tourist spots in the city. It helps that its medieval architecture stands out against the modern-day skyscrapers that have since dominated Frankfurt's infrastructure. Even from afar, you can tell how well the city has preserved this beautiful relic from the Middle Ages. If you ever decide to move to Frankfurt, this is one structure you won't ever be bored of seeing again and again!
The Five Most Romantic Spots in Frankfurt
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Smuconlaw

Frankfurt may not be your first choice for a romantic destination or even your honeymoon! But that doesn't mean that couples won't enjoy their time here. There's still a handful of spots that are so romantic, they'd be great for your date!

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