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The Basics of Montreal's Crime Rate

May 19, 2022
Big cities are all well and good when it comes to your travels, but the cold dark truth about these sorts of destinations is their crime rates. From capital cities like Paris and London to bustling metropolises like New York and Milan, one thing that these places have in common is that their crime rates are all pretty high. Does this ring true with Montreal in Quebec, Canada? Fortunately, not! Currently, the city enjoys a low general crime rate of 28.40%. But before you think that Montreal is the safest city in the world, you ought to know more about it first.

The Basics of Montreal's Crime Rate

The General Crime Rate in Montreal

As of this writing, Montreal enjoys a low general crime rate—28.40%. It's a bit surprising considering that Montreal is a major city. And if you look at the general crime rates of other cities in the world, you'll find that they're mostly moderately or quite high. Having a low general crime rate means that the situation isn't as dire compared to other metropolises out there. But make no mistake! This doesn't mean that Montreal is crime-free! On the contrary, the city currently has a 51.91% rate of increasing crimes. This is considered moderate, which means that it won't be surprising if Montreal's crime rate goes higher too.

The Highest-Rated Crime in Montreal

So, what contributes to Montreal's 51.91% rate of increasing crimes? First up, there's corruption and bribery. Both have a combined rate of 50.61%, making them the highest-rated crimes in the city. However, the rate itself is only moderately high, which means that it's not a cause for alarm quite yet. Moreover, a silver lining is that corruption and bribery aren't directly violent crimes either. They may affect those who are working here, sure, but they don't necessarily lead to injury and death. Overall, the situation still bodes well for Montreal in the long run.

The Basics of Montreal's Crime Rate

The Other Highly Rated Crimes in Montreal

What other crimes should you watch out for here in Montreal? Apart from corruption and bribery, drug dealing also poses a concern in the city. It currently has a crime rate of 45.69%, which is moderately high. Because of this, Montreal joins a whole slew of cities and towns where drug dealing is a major problem. Also, vandalism and theft have a combined crime rate of 40.69%, making them the third-highest-rated crimes in Montreal. This should warn you to always stay aware of your surroundings when you're exploring the city even when it's still light outside.

The Safety Rate in Montreal

Is Montreal safe? For the most part, yes! If the crime rate in Montreal hasn't convinced you yet, perhaps its safety rates would. As of this writing, Montreal enjoys a very high safety rate of 88.55% during the day. Come nightfall, this falls to 68.40%, which is still considered high. This means that during the day, no matter where you are among the many districts in Montreal, there's still a good chance that you will remain safe. And even when it's already nightfall, as long as you're with other people, you still don't have to worry about that much!

The Areas to Avoid in Montreal

According to AreaVibes, while Montreal as a whole enjoys a generally low crime rate, there are still a few places you ought to avoid. They list René-Goupil as the most dangerous neighborhood in Montreal. With 1,342 crimes for every 100,000 people, it's highly likely that you might get caught up in a dangerous situation here. It's practically the same in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve too, a largely poor area located around the eastern edge of the island. They estimate that a whopping 1,336 violent crimes are commute here every year. That alone should warn you not to come here at all!

The Basics of Montreal's Crime Rate

Is Montreal a safe city? Since it's a major city with a population that's around a million, it's easy to think that Montreal is yet another crime-infest metropolis. But the truth, however, says otherwise!

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