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Our Finest Luxury Homes Near The Vatican

October 15, 2021
The Vatican is the only independent state located in the capital of (technically) another country. With its distinct heritage and centuries-long history, it truly lives up to its name as the smallest country in the world, even though it's still considered part of Italy. Thanks to all of that, it'd be great to stay there yourself, wouldn't it? Especially if you're lucky enough t get a luxury home that's all to yourself. Fortunately, we here at All Luxury Apartments have what you're looking for. These three rentals might pique your interest.

Our Finest Luxury Homes Near The Vatican

Three-Bedroom Beside The Vatican Museums 3BR

The deep crimson color scheme in the master bedroom is what'll probably stand out the most when you explore this three-bedroom rental in Vatican City. The place, situated inside a 19th-century building located right beside the Vatican Museums, is prime real estate at its finest. Not only because of where it is but also how clean and comfortable the place is overall. It's no secret that even a solemn city like the Vatican can get hectic at times. With a nice place nearby, you can readily relax after spending a day running around all the districts of Rome and back.
Our Finest Luxury Homes Near The Vatican

Four-Bedroom on Via Tommaso Campanella

If you want to get an idea of what it might feel like living in a villa in Rome, look no further than this stunning four-bedroom rental along Via Tommaso Campanella in the Prati neighborhood of the Vatican. The spacious home has, as already mentioned, four separate bedrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, a grand living room with a fireplace, and the pièce de résistance, a sunny balcony with a great view of the city. You can't get any more luxurious than this, that's for sure. You'll feel like a modern noble living in one of the most important cities in the world!
Our Finest Luxury Homes Near The Vatican

Two-Bedroom on Via Plauto

What defines luxury in such a busy and crowded city like the Vatican/Rome? Space! If you have ample legroom in your place in a bustling metropolis, you'll sooner regard it as a palatial home you were lucky enough to get. What more if you got our two-bedroom apartment on Via Plauto? Located in the Vatican's Prati neighborhood, the living room along looks more like a loft. You can walk, exercise, and even invite people over and you'll rarely feel tight staying here. What's more, it has a well-equipped kitchen (with two ovens, no less!), a flat-screen TV in the living room, a clean and modern bathroom, and more! What's not to love?
Our Finest Luxury Homes Near The Vatican

Ever wondered how it'd feel to stay or even live near or in the Vatican? To spend your time in such a historic and influential place? Well, as our beautiful homes prove, it can be very luxurious if you choose the right place!



Rome, Italy
182 € / night    
3 bedrooms1 bathroom8