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The Best Transportation Apps in Denmark

October 07, 2021
Denmark is one of those countries that you simply have to visit in order to understand better. From the outside, it looks like a typical European nation that's stuck in the past while barely hanging on in the present. But when you actually go here, you'll know that they're more in touch with reality than you probably realize. A good example is the transportation apps. It's no secret that these programs have helped the way people travel well into the 21st century. But Denmark doesn't just have transportation apps, many of theirs are homegrown. Here are the best transportation apps n Denmark.

The Best Transportation Apps in Denmark


Since the likes of Uber and Lyft don't operate in Denmark, the top ride-hailing app in the country is Moove. The Moove app helps you book a taxi from wherever you are in Denmark to get to your destination. Once you provide all the details, not only will you get a taxi sent straight to your location, but you'll see the fixed price for better convenience. Although they rarely include private luxury cars for their rides, it bears noting that since Moove employs experienced taxi drivers, you're guaranteed professional service. You might even get lucky with taxi drivers who have their own shortcuts to get you to your destination.

Taxa 4x35

Taxa 4x35 is another taxi-hailing app but it only operates in Denmark's capital city, Copenhagen. No matter which neighborhood in the city you're coming from, and no matter where you'd destination within the city is, Taxa 4x35 will get you there in no time. Simialrly to Moove, this company connects users to nearby taxis without any passengers. Moreover, they also let you book luxury cars for your transportation. The only downside here is, compared to Moove, Taxa 4x35's prices are often lean on the expensive side. Moreover, the app is exclusive to Copenhagen. You won't get ot use it anywhere else in the country.

The Best Transportation Apps in Denmark


Wouldn't be a lot more helpful if you can purchase your public transport tickets online? You don't have to rush to see the schedules, you don't have to line up at the ticketing office, and you don't have to run to catch your bus/train/ferry/etc. That's what many transportation are for, right? At least, in Denmark's case, that's what the DOT app is for. This useful online program doesn't just let you purchase your tickets online, but even gives you the option to buy travel passes with unlimited access to public transport as well! If you already set up a local bank account in the country and got your credit card, you can easily connect it with the app for quicker purchasing!


As far as public transport goes, riding by bus isn't just the common way to do it, it's also the more affordable. However, as already mentioned, it’s too much of a hassle to buy your tickets in the station, isn’t it? Imagine when you're in a hurry, your bus is about to leave, and yet you're still on queue to get your ticket to board the bus. Sounds stressful, doesn't it? That's why Flixbus is a must-have app on your phone when you're in Denmark. You can purchase all your bus tickets through this app and you won't have to fall in line ever again!

The Best Transportation Apps in Denmark

Kombardo Expressen

Just like Flixbus, you can also pruchase bus tickets online via the Kombardo Expressen app. No matter where you need to go, you can buy all your tickets through this app with no problem at all. But there's more! You can also get ferry tickets through Kombardo Expressen as well. Not to mention most of their ticket prices here only cost up to DKK 99.00 each, and many of them come with free luggage! Sounds great doesn't it? Thanks to the apps great deals, you can now save more money to focus on other expenses, such as buying food, paying your taxes, and the like!


While all the other apps focus on a variety of public transport systems in Denmark, the DSB app is all about the country's trains. Whichever train route you need to go on, you can purchase your ticket online through this app. And this includes both intra-city and inter-city trains all in all! Whether you're traveling from district to district in a single city or you're venturing from one metropolis to the next, the DSB app is all you need. Beyond purchasing tickets you can also stay on top of the trains' schedules, real-time info, and more with the app.

The Best Transportation Apps in Denmark

Bike & Stay

Although Denmark is often considered one of the colder countries in Europe, it does have a bright side. The cool air, even in the country's busiest cities, make for a great atmosphere for riding your bike. In fact, cycling has become a common way traveling for many locals. But what if you want to see amazing views while you ride your bike throughout the country? How can you ensure you get to see the best of Denmark then? Download the Bike & Stay app! This program will show you the best cycling routes in the country, whether they by the coutntryside, in the major cities, and more!


Rejseplanen Denmark's own homegrown journey-planning app that can rival the likes of CityMapper and Moovit. When you already have a destination in mind, all you need to do is to open this app, put in your details, and decide which option to go for. What Rejseplanen does is it shows you the different ways to get to where you need to be, either by train, bus, taxi, and the like. Not only that, it will also show you the costs of each option, how long you'll be in-transit, and your estimated time arrival. For certain routes, you can even purchase your tickets through the app as well!

The Best Transportation Apps in Denmark

If you think Denmark hasn't caught up with the rest of the world in the transportation game, think again! Not only do many transportation apps operate here, but the country even has its own fair share of homegrown apps that both locals and tourists can use!