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How to Get A Job in Denmark

October 06, 2021
Thanks to its rising economy and stable job market, Denmark is becoming a popular place to find work. Whether you're from here or not, there are so many opportunities in store that one won't want to let any of them escape their grasp. But just like many of the country's many qualities, finding work in Denmark is a little bit different. They have their own ways of applying for jobs and companies here have their own ways of hiring new workers. Some you may already know and some you have yet to find out about.

How to Get A Job in Denmark

The Danish-Style CV

Firstly, you have to fashion your CV to fit the Danish standards. Different countries require different resume styles and Denmark has its own. For instance, include a five to six-line paragraph for your personal summary at the top of your CV. If you want to include your photo on your CV, don't go with the serious passport photo. Go for one that's more laid-back yet professional-looking at the same time. Follow a chronological order for your list of work experience and achievements starting with the most recent and the most relevant to your chosen field.

Networking in Denmark

A great way to find work in Denmark is to build and broaden your network. It'd be great if you did so before going here, especially since there are many groups on social media you can join to do just that. But even if you start in the country, there's no need to worry. Since Denmark has reopened after the Covid-19 global pandemic, there are no more opportunities for you to explore the country, meet new people, and build connections. Remember to always keep everyone you meet in mind! You never know who might help you get a new job through connections.

How to Get A Job in Denmark

Searching for Jobs Online

Of course, the most common way to find jobs in this day and age is to look for one online. And here in Denmark, LinkedIn is king! The employment-oriented online service is extremely popular in Denmark's job market. Most recruiters rely on the program when they're hiring so ensure that your own profile on it looks neat, put together, and impressive. Just like the photo on your CV, make your profile picture friendly-looking but still professional at the same time. Additionally, other popular online employment databases in Denmark include Jobindex and Work in Denmark, among many others.

Denmark's Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are also common in Denmark. They're easy to work with and can even help you find work that you wouldn't ordinarily find online. All you have to do is to sign up, talk with a recruitment agent, submit your CV, and wait until they have a job that's ready for you. More often than not, they've excelled in matching a worker's capabilities and skills to positions and companies that best fit them. Just have patience and faith in your recruitment agent and you're good to go! As for which agencies to go for, Unique Human Capital and Randstad Denmark are among the best in the country.

How to Get A Job in Denmark

Helpful Interview Tips

Apart from just finding and applying for jobs, you'll also need to polish your interview skills. Here in Denmark, the job interview is everything. Firstly, eye contact is a must! It says you're serious, confident, and you believe in the company as much as you want them to believe in you. In terms of your attire, unless you're applying for a position in a bank or law firm, you don't need a business suit. A smart casual outfit will do. And in that respect, don't act too rigid as well. Find the right balance between relaxed and professional and you're good to go!

Do You Need to Speak Danish?

Now, one question remains: do you need to speak Danish to get work in Denmark? The answer depends on the company you're working for. Many businesses in the country, particularly the successful and international conglomerates, are proficient enough in English that you won't need to learn the language to work there. Local companies, on the other hand, will not even entertain your application if you can't speak a speck of Danish. Nevertheless, knowing the language can still be advantageous to you. This will help you gain more opportunities to get ahead and climb the corporate ladder here.

How to Get A Job in Denmark

With a stellar job market at hand, more and more people are wanting to find work in Denmark. As challenging as it is, however, it's not exactly impossible! There are many ways to land employment in this beautiful country!