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The Finest Places to Eat in Frankfurt

September 10, 2021
What makes Frankfurt such a busy city? The hundreds of thousands of people that live here? Sure. The fact that it's the financial hub of Germany? Yep! Or the many excellent restaurants to try out here? Bingo! Though all of those reasons are probably true in one way or another, the last one really packs in a punch. Frankfurt is far from what you'd call a 'food capital' by any means, but that doesn't foodies who go here won't be able to satisfy their cravings either. Just look at all these fine places to eat in the city!

The Finest Places to Eat in Frankfurt

Seven Swans

Having won the 2019 Michelin Star, there's no doubt that Seven Swan really one of the best places to eat in Frankfurt. The high-end vegetarian restaurant takes pride in its healthy seasonal menu of plant-based dishes, each offering up new flavors in different and exciting ways. 10 courses are all on offer for those lucky enough to afford to eat here. But why is the place so expensive? Well, apart from its culinary excellence, Seven Swans also runs its own permaculture farm, ensuring that all of what the customers eat are 100% organic. Pair that with the candle-lit ambiance and the view of the Main river and you've got yourself a winner!
The Finest Places to Eat in Frankfurt
Source: Seven Swans Facebook Page

Zu den Zwölf Apostel

A unique rustic ambiance await those who want to eat at Zu den Zwölf Apostel. From seasonal salads to regional specialties, you get to taste the best of the best of various European cuisines. There's a bit of France with finely-made Cordon Bleu. A bit of Hungarian with Goulash soup mixed with beef, making you feel like you're eating in Budapest rather than in Frankfurt. And a bit of Russian with beef stroganoff. With such diversity on offer, it's easy to get overwhelmed, doesn't it? Not to worry. The palce's open-air terrace space provides a more comfortable environment for your dining pleasure.
The Finest Places to Eat in Frankfurt
Source: Zu den Zwölf Apostel


Speaking of outdoor restaurants, one of the best in Frankfurt is definitely Atschel. Founded in 1849, it's one of the oldest foodie hotspots in the city and has even retained its communal appeal. Lond wooden tables make up the dining area, looking more like an old-school beer hall than a modern-day restaurant. As for the dishes? A delicious menu of hearty German favorites. There's Grüne Soße, or 'cold green sauce,' which is a local culinary mainstay. Made with a variety of herbs, yogurt, and sour cream, they serve it with bread and are enough to make anyone full. The grilled pork knuckle with sauerkraut also packs in a punch, especially when paired with their homemade apfelwein (apple wine).
The Finest Places to Eat in Frankfurt
Source: Apfelweinlokal Atschel Facebook Page

Lucille Kaffeehaus

Lucille Kaffeehaus is a cozy little nook located in Nordend, one of the central districts of Frankfurt and north of the city center. Both locals and tourists alike regard it as one of the best lunch spots in the city, thanks to its cozy diner-like appeal. From the white-tiled walls to the comfy cushions laid out some of the seats, you can already tell that you'll spend a good time eating here. And that's before you get a good look at the menu. A wide range of food are on offer, ranging from curries and different types of pasta to breakfast sandwiches (which you can still order by lunchtime) and baked feta. What's not to like?
The Finest Places to Eat in Frankfurt
Source: Lucille Kaffeehaus

Café Maingold

Another cozy and comfy place to eat in Frankfurt is Café Maingold. In the popular and busy Zeil street, a well-known shipping district in the Innenstadt neighborhood, this terrace café offers a serene retreat from all the hustles and bustles in the area. Fortunately, it's located on the eastern end of the street, allowing for lesser noise and maximum dining comfort. As for the food, a dainty menu of soups and salads, as well as a few meaty dishes, is enough to have your fill. Think penne with marinated chicken, pumpkin gnocchi, and for dessert, brownies served in a glass. Sounds good, right?
The Finest Places to Eat in Frankfurt
Source: Café Maingold Facebook Page


Did you know that Germany has its fair share of American-style diners? They call it trinkhalle and there are a good many all over the country. And yes, that includes Frankfurt! The most well-known of its kind is Heimat, located along Berliner street. Despite its modest size, it has a certain vintage touch to it, like the type of establishment you'll see on 'Mad Man' and the like. But this is a contemporary eatery at heart, putting forth a diverse range of meaty and seafood dishes, each competing to see which side you'll lean on. Headed by prominent chef Gregor Nowak, it's sure to make your headpin as o whether you'll prefer the flavorful fishes or the juicy steaks.
The Finest Places to Eat in Frankfurt
Source: Heimat


Thanks to its Jacques Garcia-designed interior, Zarges definitely looks the part of a high-class establishment in Frankfurt. Think somber lighting, fine wooden finished all around, a wide selection of wines on full display, and even a chandelier. By aesthetic alone, Zarges looks like the perfect place for a romantic date for two. And the menu helps! Serving up delicious French and Mediterranean cuisines, they're certainly fitting for such an occasion. It's haute cuisine at its finest, almost rivaling the foodie hotspots in the more popularly known 'food capital of the world,' Paris!
The Finest Places to Eat in Frankfurt
Source: Zarges

Despite what you think, Frankfurt actually has a lot to offer in terms of fine places to eat! Sure, the city is no 'food capital of the world,' but that doesn't mean you ought to overlook many of the well-known foodie hotspots here! You'll miss out on a lot if you do!

If you can't go to any of these amazing Frankfurt foodie hotspots, you can always order from them in the comforts of your own luxury home!



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