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Notable Swiss Chocolate Shops in Zürich You Have To Know

July 02, 2021
When it comes to chocolate, it can't get any better than the Swiss! Why do you think some of the most famous chocolate products come from Switzerland? Or are associated with the country? For years now, the Swiss have been known to produce some of the finest chocolates around. High-class sweets that are just as luxurious as designer clothes or a high-end watch. Here in Zürich, the major business hub of the country, you'll find a ton of exceptional chocolate shops. But there's really only a handful that are notable for specific reasons. Here are a few of them!

Notable Swiss Chocolate Shops in Zürich You Have To Know

Lindt Chocolate Shop

Right off the bat, there's Lindt Chocolate Shop, the world-famous chocolate brand. With a history that goes all the way back to 1836, it's no wonder their shop in Zürich remains well-visited to this day. Of course, Lindt chocolate bars, bonbons, and drinks are major bestsellers, but what has really helped this company stand out is their delectable truffles. Their rich, bite-sized treats have gained fame all over the world, becoming a luxurious product that's worth an arm and a leg. Many would even line up for hours in the shop just to purchase them!


When it comes to treats like chocolate, sometimes, tradition trumps everything. At least, that's what Vollenweider is all about. For over 70 years, this chocolate shop has treated customers to a number of chocolate classics. Traditional chocolate bars, bite-sized candies, chocolate-topped pastries, and even freshly-made chocolate milk. Since the shop itself is in a central location that's easy to get via public transport, both locals and tourists have fallen in love with the brand. They come here when they're craving some old-fashioned chocolatey goodness, the type that's sure to sweeten their stay here in the Swiss business hub.

Notable Swiss Chocolate Shops in Zürich You Have To Know

La Flor

Only in Switzerland can you get the richest and most intensely flavored chocolates. And most likely, they come from La Flor! Their shop in Zürich is among the most popular when it comes to chocolate. Why? Because it's known for its deep dark chocolate treats. Their many products have no additives, letting their natural flavor come out. All the bitterness, sweetness, and richness of pure dark chocolate make for an exhilarating dessert. It's the type that you'll only give to those of a particular taste. But in the end, it's the most organic chocolate you'll ever find in the Swiss capital.

Löw Delights

The 'Low' in Löw Delights can actually mean low fats! Now that's something many would want in their chocolate! It's no secret that chocolate can oftentimes be the number one ingredient for a person's massive weight gain or risk of getting diabetes. But not with Löw Delights! Here, the chocolates are as vegan as can be, going for organic ingredients. These healthy options still have that signature sweetness, but they're not as saccharine nor as fattening as your regular chocolate from other stores. And this fact alone makes them a great gift to give to others!

Notable Swiss Chocolate Shops in Zürich You Have To Know


You've probably heard of the famous praline chocolates, attached on sticks, that you dip into your hot milk or coffee and melt away in the beverage, right? Well, a lot of them come from the Taucherli shop in Zürich. In fact, it's the shop's main bestseller! When one craves a chocolatey drink, they flock to this store to get those famous treats, available in a variety of flavors. Apart from that, Taucherli is also known for its handmade chocolate bars, freshly made right there in the shop. Is there still any wonder why this place is a Swiss chocolate hotspot in the Swiss business hub?

Say Chocolate

Giving gifts is a great way to socialize with the Swiss. It's also polite to give gifts to those who've invited you to their own homes. And oftentimes, a box of chocolates will do. But can you make sure that what you give will be memorable? Personalize it, of course! You can either include a message, have the chocolate spell out your host's name, and more. Here in Zürich, there's only one chocolate shop that provides such a service: Say Chocolate! Just as its name suggests, you can say whatever you want with their sweet treats, making for quite a novel present!

Notable Swiss Chocolate Shops in Zürich You Have To Know

You're lucky if you're in Zürich and you suddenly crave Swiss chocolate. The city has a handful of notable shops that offer unique takes on the sweet treat. From healthy vegan options to sweets that convey a personal message, the chocolates here are worth your while!

Such delectable Swiss chocolate is so good, you can enjoy it anywhere! Be it in your luxury home or in any of the popular spots in the city!



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