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Pride Month in San Francisco: What To Do

June 22, 2021
As far as stereotypes are concerned, San Francisco is the undisputed gay capital of the US. Since there's such a huge and boisterous LGBTQ+ community, this 'identity' has become part of the city's heritage. That's why, among the many American holidays, Pride Month is actually one of the most important. Every June, the city holds various events, tributes, and more to commemorate and simply recognize the gay, lesbian, transgender, and non-binary members of society. There's so much to see and do here, you won't know where to start! Well, here are a few suggestions you might want to know.

Pride Month in San Francisco: What To Do

Pay Tribute To All The Victims of AIDS/HIV

Back in the late 80s and early 90s, the AIDS epidemic became one of the most important parts of LGBTQ+ history. Although the infamous sexually transmitted disease can infect anyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, it was particularly common among the LGBTQ+. So much so that, not only did this fuel hate groups to further discriminate against the community, but so many members of the LGBTQ+ also lost their lives. To pay tribute to the countless victims, San Francisco established the National AIDS Memorial Grove, a landmark to ensure the fallen will never be forgotten. And every year, during Pride Month, the National AIDS Memorial Ceremony takes place, helping people remember the lives that were taken by this disease.

Watch LGBT+ Movies

Though this is new, SF Pride Movie Night at Oracle Park will probably become one of the hotly-anticipated events in San Francisco during Pride Month. The first event happened just this past June 11 to 12, 2021. It was so successful that it will likely become an annual tradition. At Oracle Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, San Francisco Pride showed movies, both about the LGBTQ+ community and ones that the community will enjoy. And with so many incredible LGBTQ+ filmmakers telling their own stories now, expect to see more such films in this event in the years to come!

Pride Month in San Francisco: What To Do

Attend The Fresh Meat Festival

Don't worry! This festival isn't as crude as it may sound. In reality, The Fresh Meat Festival is a music festival that puts transgender and gender non-conforming artists at the forefront. From rock bands to dance troupes, this festival gives them their time to shine, which is often rare within the mainstream. It's only during Pride Month, in various venues through the different neighborhoods of San Francisco, will such performers be given the stage they deserve. Wouldn't you want to check them out and get to know them when you're here? Who knows? The next big star might just come from here!

Go To The Trans March

Out of all the members of the LGBTQ+ community, it's the transgender men & women that are most discriminated against. It's even come to the point that their fellow members actively discriminate against them as well. That's why, here in San Francisco, the Trans March became an important part of Pride Month. Here, trans women and men get to show off their own pride for living their lives as the genders that they feel that they are. This even gives them the spotlight, proving their worth and showing the world that they deserve to and will live the way they want to.

Have Fun At The Pride Parade

At the end of the day, or rather, the month, the Pride Parade is the piece de resistance of the month. Every year, the already colorful streets of San Francisco will be even livelier with rainbow flags fluttering about, placards displaying funny slogans, and unapologetic displays of affection are shown for all the world to see. It's important to remember that, although the Pride Parade, whether it's in San Francisco or any other city, looks fun and happy, it's still a form of protest as well. A strong message to show the world that the LGBTQ+ is here to stay and they deserve and demand respect and equal rights!

Pride Month in San Francisco: What To Do

Here in San Francisco, a city known for its colorful and lively LGBTQ+ community, Pride Month brings about so many fun activities, you won't know which one you'll like best. Every year, Pride Month in this city just keeps getting better and better!

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