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How To Get A Visa to Morocco

May 07, 2021
Morocco is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The exotic culture, the vast desserts, the exciting souks—the country is just so fascinating that it's no wonder it's one of the world's top tourist destinations. It'd be great if you can simply fly off to Morocco just whenever you wish, wouldn't it? Unfortunately, that's not the case. For a lot of countries out there, you'll need to get a visa to enter Morocco. Once you get it, only then will you be allowed entry into this beautiful country. But how does one get it? Here's what you need to know.
How To Get A Visa to Morocco

Do You Need A Visa To Go To Morocco?

First things first, determine whether you actually need to get a visa to go to Morocco. VisaGuide.world laid out a list of countries where their citizens can enter Morocco without a visa. They include the US, EU countries, fellow Islamic countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and a handful of others. Do note that those who entered Morocco without a visa can only stay there for up to 90 days. For those coming from Singapore and Hong Kong, however, they can only stay for up to 30 days. Any more than that and they'll need to apply for a long-term Moroccan visa.

Requirements For The Visa Application

Now, what requirements will you need in order to get a visa for Morocco? Many of them are similar to those needed to get a Schengen Visa and the like. Documents such as your valid passport (with photocopies), filled-up application form, return flight ticket, proof of accommodations, proof of sufficient funds, travel medical insurance, and the like. You might also need to include passport-size photos in case the Moroccan embassy in your country requires them. Make sure each and every document you present is valid from the date you submitted them up to when you plan to return back to your native country.

How To Get A Visa to Morocco

Additional Requirements For Special Cases

You'll also need to include more documents depending on the nature of your trip to Morocco. If you're traveling to the country for business, you'll need to present a letter of invitation from the company/entity that invited you to go and work in Morocco. If you're attending a conference in Morocco, you'll need to show your invitation from the organizers of the event. For journalists who want to cover a story in Morocco, you'll need to show proof of approval from the governmental agency that's in charge of the media and the press in your country. And, of course, if you're going to study in Morocco, you'll need to show your acceptance letter to the school, enrollment form, and proof of sufficient funds.

The Visa Application Process for Morocco

You don't have to worry about the process of applying for a visa to go to Morocco. Although it slightly varies from country to country, it's generally the same all throughout. Firstly, you have to call or email the Moroccan embassy in your country to set up an appointment. Complete the application form provided by the official website of the embassy. Then, once your appointment is here, submit your application form along with the rest of the required documents and payment for the visa fee. Afterward, wait until you get your passport back to know if you've gotten the visa or not.

How To Get A Visa to Morocco

Visa Fees To Expect

As with any other country, the application to get a visa to go to Morocco comes with paying a visa fee. If you're just applying for a transit visa to Morocco, that'll cost you MAD 170.00 ($18.00 in USD). For those applying for a single-entry short-term visa, the price is MAD 220.00. ($23.00 in USD). This is good for a stay that can last up to 90 days in Morocco. For those applying for a double-entry short-term visa, the price is MAD 330.00 ($34.00 in USD). This is also good for a stay that can last up to 90 days, or approximately three months, in Morocco.

What If There's No Moroccan Embassy In Your Country?

Now, what if there's no Moroccan embassy in your country. Yes, this is possible for a lot of nations out there. In this case, how will you be able to apply for a visa to go to Morocco? The first alternative is to find out if the Moroccan government instituted a different governmental body or entity that takes care of visa applications to the country. If you found one, you can contact them about applying for a visa and start the process right then and there. However, if there isn't one, you'll have to apply directly to the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation online or via mail in Rabat, Morocco.

How To Get A Visa to Morocco

If you want to go and experience the true magic of Morocco, the first step you'll need to take is to apply for a visa to allow you to enter the country. Don't worry! The process is simple, easy, and won't take a long time!