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The Top Five Most Beautiful Parks in Brussels

April 30, 2021
Brussels is undoubtedly a beautiful city. From the castles and cathedrals to the historic avenues, the capital city has enough charm to keep you wanting to explore more. And if you want to relax, take a load off, or even just spend some time by yourself or with loved ones, there's also the myriad of parks in the city. From public squares to flower gardens, the parks in Brussels offer some much-needed botanical bliss to those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the urban metropolis. And among them, these five are definitely the most beautiful!
The Top Five Most Beautiful Parks in Brussels

Cinquantenaire Park

Firstly, there's Cinquantenaire Park. With a bevy of museums, fountains, and more, it's a go-to park for those who are visiting the city for the first time. Of course, its most famous feature is the stunning Arcade du Cinquantenaire, a three-arched monument that shows the glory of Belgium at its finest. In many ways, it is comparable to the more iconic Arc de Triomphe in Paris's famous Champs Elysées avenue. Here, however, instead of traffic jams and busy streets, the monument is surrounded by beautiful flora and peaceful fields of well-manicured greenery. The contrast between them is truly fascinating, one that you won't want to miss seeing when you're here!
The Top Five Most Beautiful Parks in Brussels
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Petit Sablon Square

If you're a sucker for a good sculpture, the Petit Sablon Square is probably more your style. Throughout the well-manicured gardens here stand various bronze statuettes of Belgium's most praised scholars and humanists. It's a glimpse of Belgian history that you won't find in any school here! Of course, the stunning flora isn't to be missed here either! From well-cut hedges to somber-hued trees, the entire place looks like a painting itself. With such a peaceful environment, it's one of the best solitary escapes amidst the many bustling districts of Brussels. You can spend an entire day of meditation and reflection here if you want!
The Top Five Most Beautiful Parks in Brussels
Source: Flickr.com/ William Murphy

Florist’s Gardens

True to its name, Florist's Garden is, in fact, an oasis of beautiful flowers as far as the eye can see! Since it's part of the Stuyvenberg Estate, it's also one of the more well-managed parks on this list. Beautiful flower beds, lush greenery, and botanical retreats reign supreme here, allowing for much nature-filled wonder as possible. Different species of flowers grow and bloom about, mixing the air with their intoxicatingly sweet scents and offering a vision of classical beauty that you won't see anywhere else! If you're an artist suffering from a mental block, this park is a great place to escape to and find inspiration!
The Top Five Most Beautiful Parks in Brussels
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ ©Stephane Mignon

Josaphat Park

20 hectares of botanical bliss await those who want to visit Josaphat Park. Located in the municipality of Schaerbeek, this is arguably the most romantic park on this list. Why? The place is so full of trees, flowers, and all sorts of natural wonder that you can easily slip away, get lost, and find a private spot for a romantic rendezvous. You can get intimate with your significant other and none would be the wiser. However, if you truly want that cinematic love story moment, go to the beautiful pathway lined with cherry trees. The pastel pink petals falling and flying about make for a romantic scene indeed!
The Top Five Most Beautiful Parks in Brussels
Source: Flickr.com/ Stephane Mignon

Astrid Park

Finally, there's Astrid Park, named after Queen Astrid of Belgium! If you want a glimpse of what the Belgian countryside might look like, going here is your best bet! With a total of 23 hectares, it's a spacious oasis of botanical bliss that's as peaceful as ever. Think well-cut fields of lush greenery with practically no other person in sight. Or a still lake that's so serene, you'd think you were staring at a photograph of it instead of the real thing. Not to mention the shades brought on by the forest of trees that stand proudly in this beautiful park.
The Top Five Most Beautiful Parks in Brussels
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ ©David Edgar

Think what you will about Brussels, it still has some amazing places you'll want to explore! Not the least of which are its beautiful parks that serve as stunning escapes full of natural wonder amidst the bustling metropolis of the Belgian capital.

Whether you prefer playing in any of these parks or relaxing in your own luxury home, Brussels is definitely a pleasant place to be in!





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