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Istanbul's Top Five Turkish Coffee Shops

April 23, 2021
Turkey is probably the only country in the world where coffee is considered a national drink. Turkish coffee is as much a part of the country's culture and heritage as is the Hagia Sophia, the many beautiful mosques, and the fact that the country is located in both Europe and Asia. It's part of what makes it more fascinating than it already is. So when you get to Istanbul, Turkey's capital city, you'll want to check out the top coffee shops here. Are there are important as historic monuments? Not exactly! But you will get the best modern and authentic Turkish coffee in the city!
Istanbul's Top Five Turkish Coffee Shops

Petra Roasting Co.

Argubaly the most famous local coffee shop in Istanbul, Petra Roasting Co. is pretty much the biggest haven for coffee lovers in the city. Its industrial decor and laid-back ambiance make for a soothing atmosphere to enjoy some well-made coffee. However, since it has also become one of, if not the trendiest cafes in the Turkish capital, it's no longer the relaxing retreat it once was. Nevertheless, be it Turkish coffee or other types of caffeinated beverages, you'll get your fix here in more ways than one! Watch out for the mall art gallery here too! It's cool beyond words!


If you want some authentic Turkish coffee, especially if it's your first time in Istanbul, don't go to the famous and attention-grabbing cafes in the city! No! As many locals would argue, the relatively hidden gem that is Mandabatmaz is where you should start! It's 'hidden,' not in the sense that it's unpopular—in fact, it's actually one of the more popular local coffee shops in all of the Turkish capital. But because it's located in a narrow Asmalı Mescit street in the trendy Beyoğlu district, a popular foodie hub where hotspots are practically smushed together, it's easy to miss the place!

Istanbul's Top Five Turkish Coffee Shops

Coffee Department

In the beautiful Balat district, one of the more fascinating areas in Istanbul, the Coffee Department has long served as the go-to cafe here. A charming little place that's mostly lit by the Mediterranean sunshine, this is the actual peaceful retreat you're probably long for amidst the busy metropolis. Apart from, of course, the local Turkish coffee, this shop is also known for its excellent flat white renditions. And if you have the time, you might want to check out their many workshops all about coffee. But even if you learn to make it yourself, you'll still want to come back here again and again!

Coffeetopia Eminönü

With its huge sign and eye-catching red-brick facade at the heart of Istanbul's Fatih district, Coffeetopia Eminönü is definitely a stand-out coffee shop. It's become one of the most popular in the city, thanks in large part to its strategic location. Not only is the place easy to get to via public transport, but it's also fairly near many of the historic sites and top tourist attractions in the city. It's perfect for when you're spending a busy day in Istanbul and you want to stop for some coffee. And since it's a big cafe, there's more than enough room for you here!

Kronotrop Cihangir

Located in the Cihangir district, a very bohemian part of Istanbul, Kronotrop Cihangir will satisfy your coffee cravings in more ways than one. Not only do they prepare the traditional kinds of coffee like Turkish coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and the like, but they also have a few surprising treats up their sleeves. Think coffee cocktails that pack a punch that are perfect for happy hour! Or cold drip coffee for when you want to cool down and stead of warming up. And, of course, don't forget the delicious snack to pair these drinks with! What's not to love?

Istanbul's Top Five Turkish Coffee Shops

Here in Turkey, they take coffee shops pretty seriously. So in the capital city, Istanbul, the coffee shops here are worth your time. if you want to take a load off, relax, and enjoy some authentic Turkish coffee too, these places are your best bets!

Whether you enjoy it in any of these top-notch coffee shops in Istanbul or in your own luxury home, Turkish coffee is a part of daily life here!