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The Best Parks in Philadelphia

April 14, 2021
Philadelphia, with all its urban energy and historic heritage, is also one of the most beautiful cities in the US. From the centuries-old houses to the coastlines by the river, there are several parts of the city that will captivate you in a lot of ways. These also include the parks, of course! With so many in the city, you probably don't know where to start, don't you? Which parks are the best for picnics? Which are the most relaxing? And which will have great events to join when you want some fun? Argubaly, here are the best parks in Philly!
The Best Parks in Philadelphia

John F. Kennedy Plaza

'LOVE.' That's partially all you need to know as to why the John F. Kennedy Plaza is a must-visit park in Philadelphia. Also known as the 'Love Park,' the place is where the city's iconic LOVE sculpture stands for all the world to see. The sculpture was made by pop artist Robert Indiana, who got the visual from his own graphic design which became an iconic image during the 1960s and 70s in American pop culture. Today, the park is one of the most-visited attractions in the entire city. It draws in thousands in crowds, hoping to snap a selfie with the famous artwork.
The Best Parks in Philadelphia
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Fairmount Park

With 2,000 acres of lush green grass, Fairmount Park is easily one of the biggest in the city. The place is actually a conservancy, open to millions of people who want to see its many attractions. Among them are the Philadelphia Zoo, the Shofuso Japanese House and Gardens, a few performing arts centers, and the like. Because it's so big, the park itself is easy to get to via public transport, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to going here. However, you will need an entire day to see most of what this place offers!
The Best Parks in Philadelphia
Source: Wikimedia Commons/© Ngilmour3

Franklin Square

A carousel, a mini-golf course, a playground, and countless food stands. These are just some of what you and your family should expect in the 7.5-acre site that is Franklin Park. One of the oldest parks in the city—laid out by state founder William Penn himself—Franklin Park has been a go-to escape for many Philly families. It's a nice family-friendly paradise where kids can have all sorts of fun for hours and hours. Its many attractions make it. a great hotspot for a date too, especially among young (and young-at-heart) couples. The park is also located by the famous Benjamin Franklin Parkway, one of the city's most famous avenues!
The Best Parks in Philadelphia
Source: Wikimedia Commons/© Beyond My Ken

Logan Square

What's so interesting about Philadelphia's Logan Square is that it's technically three parks made into one huge square. Logan Square itself used to be one of the original four public spaces laid out by William Penn, only now, it's become this huge park-within-a-park. One of them is Sister Cities Park, a family-friendly retreat complete with a large garden, a boat pond, and a cafe! Another is Shakespear Park, a more quiet escape where you can read books, even those written by the park's namesake. And lastly, there's Aviator Park, a beautiful scenic spot marked by notable public artworks.
The Best Parks in Philadelphia
Source: Wikimedia Commons/© Ngilmour3

Rittenhouse Square

If there's one park that's absolutely perfect for when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city's other districts, it's Rittenhouse Square! Although the place is often the venue for local craft fairs, farmers' markets, and the like, on a normal day, it's one of the most peaceful places in all of Philadelphia. It's also one of the most beautiful, what with the manicured gardens, stunning walkways, eye-catching sculptures, elegant fountains, and even a reflecting pool. If you want to take a load off and just spend a relaxing day outside, going here is your best bet!
The Best Parks in Philadelphia
Source: Wikimedia Commons/© Jeffrey M. Vinocur

Washington Square

Finally, there's Washington Square! One of the most historic parks in all of Philly, this isn't your ordinary play area or public space. For one thing, it used to be a burial ground for a lot of people, ranging from Revolutionary War heroes to enslaved African Americans. At one point, the park was even referred to as 'Congo Square,' mostly because it was the usual hang-out spot for African Americans of the colonial period. Today, despite its tumultuous history, the park remains a quiet place for many people to enjoy a nice peaceful day.
The Best Parks in Philadelphia
Source: Wikimedia Commons/© Andre Engels

There's no denying that some of Philadelphia's parks are definitely ones you ought to visit at least ones. From tranquil beautiful retreats to historic sites that have become family-friendly attractions, you won't want to miss going to any of them!

Whether it's in any of these Philly parks or in your own luxury home, you can always find a great place to relax here in this city!





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