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What Springtime in Athens Is Like

April 04, 2021
Greece, in general, is best known as a go-to summer destination. Everyone, from the rich and famous to the people you know who rarely travel outside the country, consider summer as the best season to go to Greece. Most especially the Greek islands. But those who tend to think that are missing out a lot because there are countless places in the country that's great to visit during springtime. The most popular of which is Athens! From natural wonders to fascinating traditions, there's a lot to look forward to in the Greek capital during spring!
What Springtime in Athens Is Like

Celebrate Greek Independence Day

Most Greek holidays are based on religion so when one is mostly about the country, it's definitely a cause for celebration. Every March 25th, Greece celebrates its independence day, It's right when spring arrives and the weather finally warms up in this sunny Mediterranean country. This makes it the perfect time to go to parades, see marching bands strut their stuff, dance with people outside, and just have a good time. Greeks are very welcoming people. They'll let you join in on all the festivities during this holiday, whether it'd be gorging on a traditional feast or doing folk dances with people you don't even know!
What Springtime in Athens Is Like
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Experience The Athens Science Festival

Science is probably the last thing you expected to see on this list, did you? Just the word harkens back to school textbooks and pop quizzes, far from the fun vacation to be had in Athens! However, come spring, every April, the Greek capital hosts the Athens Science Festival. One of the most hotly-anticipated annual spring festivals in the city, it highlights science in an entertaining and exciting way. Think games, puzzles, races, and the like. Activities you can get excited for as well as learn something in the process. Also, don't forget the fascinating talks and lectures from famed scientists from around the world!
What Springtime in Athens Is Like
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Watch A Movie Outside

One of the best things to do in Athens, especially during Spring, is to watch a movie outside. And this isn't just streaming Netflix on your phone! Here in the Greek capital, open-air cinemas reign supreme. From drive-ins to movie theaters in the park, watching a movie outside come nightfall has become a popular spring pastime here. Most especially since the weather is finally right for such an activity. The nights aren't as cold as they were during winter. You can still stay warm with just a blanket and cozying up to your friends and family as you enjoy the show!
What Springtime in Athens Is Like
Source: Flickr.com/ Éole Wind

See Athens Bloom

What image of Athens do you have in your mind? Rubbles and sand as far as the eye can see? Tight urban spaces where urban infrastructure covers up the ancient heritage of the city? Many people often forget that the Greek capital is as much a natural oasis as it is a historic site and an urban city. But come springtime, you're reminded in the best possible way: flowers blooming! From parks to windowsills, the entire city blossoms once spring arrives! Roses smell their sweetest, trees look the most vibrant, and botanical bliss fills the air in the Greek capital!
What Springtime in Athens Is Like
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Perfect Time To See The Ancient Attractions

Spring is as good a time as any to explore the top attractions in Athens. From the Pantheon at the Acropolis to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, this time of year is arguably the best season to visit them. This is because of two reasons. One, the weather! Springtime is sunny but it's not so intense that you're at risk of getting heatstroke. The fresh breezes and cool air left by the winner still wafts during this time. Two, there are fewer crowds. Spring is practically the off-season for tourism in Athens allowing you to go see the top attractions that aren't as crowded as before.
What Springtime in Athens Is Like
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Forget summer! Spring in Athens would be a holiday to remember! There's so much to get excited about during this season, ranging from less-crowded tourist attractions to open-air cinemas for a good movie! What are you waiting for?

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