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Where To Eat in Venice

February 04, 2021
Italians have the best food, let's all just admit that! It's rich, it's flavorful, and it's a cuisine that will leave you wanting more. Be it pasta, pizza, or even just a panini, Italian food will always brighten up your day. Even more so if you enjoy it in a city like Venice. With a place as beautiful as this, pair that with eating the best Italian food in the city, and you've got a winner! But where in Venice should you go for lunch and dinner? Which place are the best for a meal here? These are. few great options!
Where To Eat in Venice

Ristorante Riviera

What could be better than munching on delicious Italian appetizers by the sea? Not much, right? Well, that's exactly what you'll be doing when you choose Ristorante Riviera as your next dining destination. Regarded as one of the city's finest restaurants for a myriad of reasons, this is where you really get to enjoy all of what Venice has to offer. An authentic Venetian cuisine? Check! A peaceful seaside ambiance? Check! And a romantic mood to boot? Check and mate! There's no reason why you ought not to try this place out while you're in Venice! It's a must-try!
Where To Eat in Venice
Source: Ristorante Riviera Facebook Page

Terrazza Danieli

With a stunning view of the Adriatic Sea, Terrazza Danieli is known as one of the most romantic hotspots in all of Venice. And that's saying a lot since the city is already known for seething with romance and passion at every corner. But here, there's a quiet and calm atmosphere that's perfect for a sneaky little rendezvous, most especially during sunset. Just seeing the orange sky and the sun go down as you drink wine and enjoy the best pastas and pizzas this place prepares—that's an ideal date right there! It's no wonder its popularity is through the roof!
Where To Eat in Venice
Source: Terrazza Danieli

Ristorante Alle Corone

Located in Hotel Ai Reali, one of the most upscale hotels in all of Venice, Ristorante Alle Corone offers luxurious fine dining at its finest. An opulent dining room, perfect for a soirée or even a small wedding reception, provides a suitable setting where you can enjoy scrumptious Venetian dishes. Want to know just how popular Ristorante Alle Corone really is? You'll need to reserve a table at least a month in advance to get in. Also, sophistication is the name of the game here, so you ought to dress to impress if you plan on dining here.
Where To Eat in Venice
Source: Ristorante Alle Corone

La Zucca

If you understood Italian, you'd have already known what to expect in La Zucca! Translated to English as 'The Pumpkin,' this tiny, almost secluded, hidden gem of a restaurant located along San Croce is one of, if not the finest vegan restaurants in Venice. Even though Italian cuisine is known for its rich meaty dishes, the more organic animal-free selection here are just as sumptuous. Add to that the healthy idea that all of the ingredients used in making their dishes are fresh and natural. But the truly best part? It's all affordable! Eating here will lower your dining costs in more ways than one!
Where To Eat in Venice
Source: La Zucca


In the stunning Ca' Sagredo Hotel in Venice, there's a beautiful restaurant called L'Alcova that's all about providing a silent and serene escape from all the hustle and bustle of the city. On this terrace restaurant, with spectacular views of Venice and the Adriatic Sea on offer, you get to enjoy some hearty Italian meals that are all worth every penny. As you might expect, their specialty is pasta, be it white sauce, red sauce, pesto, and more! You'll love pairing them with wine, of which L'Alcova also has a superb collection of vintage and the latest bottles of reds and whites!
Where To Eat in Venice
Source: Ca' Sagredo Hotel

Locanda Cipriani

Another peaceful culinary hotspot you can go to is Locanda Cipriani! Situated in Torcello, one of the more remote areas in Venice, this is actually a hotel-restaurant, one of the very few of its kind in Italy. Think of it as sort of like a bed-and-breakfast, but instead of just breakfast, you get to enjoy some amazing Venetian and Italian dishes all-day-long. In fact, the food here is so delicious, you'll fill yourself up in no time. Which then will put you into a food coma so you'll have no choice but to book a room here!
Where To Eat in Venice
Source: Locanda Cipriani Facebook Page

Antico Martini

Whether you go for liver or fish, one thing to expect here at Antico Martini is that they only prepare with the freshest ingredients available! Their mix of Venetian and Mediterranean dishes have captivated foodies from all around the world. Starting out as a coffee shop, it eventually branched out to serve lunch and dinner and soon became one of the most popular culinary hotspots in Venice. One of the more fascinating aspects about Antico Martini is that its menu often changes depends on the fresh produce they buy early in the morning. just like Forest Gump with a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get here!
Where To Eat in Venice
Source: Antico Martini Facebook Page

It may not seem or look like it, but Venice offers up a delicious array of restaurants you just have to try when you're here! They come with stunning views, a romantic mood, a fresh Mediterranean breeze, and, of course, scrumptious Italian food!

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