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Prague's Most Fun Hotspots For Your Kids

December 26, 2021
Prague is a different city for different people. For instance, for lovers, it's. a romantic getaway. Who wouldn't want to go on a honeymoon in a city full of such beautiful attractions? And speaking of beautiful places, for photographers, it's a goldmine. With every frame they shoot, it will make for a great photograph! But what about kids? Where do they fit in the city? Well, though it may not look like it, Prague can still be a fun place for them to visit or even move to! This is because the Czech capital has a handful of playgrounds, parks, and play areas they can spend time in!
Prague's Most Fun Hotspots For Your Kids

Kampa Park

Visiting the Kampa Museum is one of those things that you just have to do when you're in Prague. Whether you're here for a day, a week, a month, a year, or for the rest of your life, you'll enjoy seeing all sorts of modern artworks. But what about your kids? Will they enjoy going here as well? Probably not! Though they'll probably like the playground in the park nearby instead! With a climbing tower and a sandpit, they'll find this place just as enjoyable as you did going to the museum. And if they behaved while you were inside the latter, you ought to bring them here as a reward!

Slovansky Island

Slovansky Island is already quite the destination to visit in Prague. A bit far from the hustle and bustle of the city, it's a quiet corner in the Czech capital that's perfect for a family day. Fortunately, the playground here will ensure your kids will enjoy that day the most. They can go off on the swings, going as high as they can, probably not listening to your warning for them to be careful. The slides are probably what your youngest will love the best. While rope ladders and climbing towers will have them tired in no time!

Prague's Most Fun Hotspots For Your Kids
Source: Prague.eu


In Malá Strana, one of the more popular neighborhoods of Prague, Petřín Hill stands as one of the noteworthy places to go to in the city. On the very top of this hill, you'll see a view unlike any other! That is if you'll be able to reach it. It's highly likely your kids won't care to climb up Petřín Hill because the playground around it are already quite fun. There are towers made up of climbing ropes, sandpits for days, and even a little house where they can pretend they're adults. From a kid's perspective, what's not to love about them?

U Vodárny

Sometimes, a colorful playground isn't needed to excite little kids. Something as simple as a wooden structure is enough to have them running around and screaming in delight. You'll understand this better if you go to the playground along U Vodárny in Prague. A wooden tower, slide, climbing frames, and more await children who are in need of some playtime. Though it may look dull at the outset, such simplicity will allow your kids full range on what they want to play. It will let their creativity flow and let them pretend to be all sorts of people, from princesses and knights to soldiers and doctors.

Prague's Most Fun Hotspots For Your Kids

Masná Street Playground

A small house, a slide, a sandpit, and swings. While they may not seem like a whole lot, your youngest kids will still scream in glee when they see them. That's why the playground along Masná Street is still as popular as ever. Sure, it's not the most noteworthy play area out there, but in a busy street like this one, where adults are running around and likely intimidating your toddlers, this playground will be a welcome change of pace for them. A tiny little corner where they can do the running, playing, pretending to be grownups, and more!

Na Výtoni

One of the best things about the playground on Na Výtoni is that it's one of the more convenient for the adults. With toilets, complete with changing tables inside, situated nearby, you'll be ready for any eventuality while your kids are playing here. However, this no way makes it any less fun than the other options on this list. With slides, swings, see-saws, and a merry-go-round to boot, it's not surprising why kid solve going here. Sure, it's as classic a playground as the rest of them. But more often than not, the classics are all that kids need.

Prague's Most Fun Hotspots For Your Kids

Who knew Prague can be so fun for kids, right? While you grown-ups focus on the castles, palaces, museums, and the like, your kids will enjoy the many playgrounds, parks, and more in the Czech capital. It's a win-win for everybody in the family!

These playgrounds aren't the only things your kids will love in Prague! They'll also appreciate the luxury homes you'll rent for your stay here as well!

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