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Located in central Italy is the region called Tuscany wherein world-renowned museums and architectural stunners are located. Known for its landscapes, history, traditions, and artistic legacy, this Italian region is a travel destination for art and nature lovers alike. Florence, the region’s UNESCO World Heritage capital wherein numerous art galleries and museums are located, is considered as the birthplace of Italian Renaissance which attracts millions of people every year. Lucca, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Siena, Elba, San Miniato al Monte, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Duomo, and the Mercato Centrale are only some of the many wonderful attractions that Tuscany has to offer, and it is recommended that you stay in the region for at least five days to truly see its beauty. All Luxury Apartments is here to provide you with luxury vacation rentals in Tuscany to complete your holiday experience. Whether you’re planning a 5-day trip or a long-term stay in Tuscany, we got the right private accommodations for you. All Luxury Apartments provides luxury holiday rentals and Venetian apartments—some even near the canal—that would guarantee a luxury vacation in this beautiful Italian region.

A little Tuscan city called Lucca is an important point of interest for it has been significant in the history of architecture. Lucca is dotted with the city’s well-visited attractions, such as Florence, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Siena, and Little Lucca. Romanesque architecture is evident in this city, especially in the medieval churches located here. Other than the structures, art is as ever-present in other cities of Tuscany. Celebrated works of art of artists such as Filippo Lippi and Andrea della Robbia. To immerse in this quaint city, strolling around is the way to go to experience and appreciate the history, art, and architecture of Lucca.

Famed for its beautiful architecture and unique form, the Torre Pendente, often referred to as The Leaning Tower of Pisa, is a structure you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world. The tower tilts 3.99 degrees, which gives it a queer trait that is often enjoyed by tourists and locals. Experience the thrill of the tower even more by climbing its 294 steps and enjoy the wonders of this Pisan architecture.

Another Tuscan wonder is a special structure in Siena called the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. With its magnificent exterior crawling with intricate patterns made of green, red, and white marble, it is one of the finest churches in Italy. The exterior itself is a feast for the eyes. The interior continues the motif of magnificence as the place is filled with delightful works of art such as the carved marble pulpit, statues, and frescoes of renowned Italian artists.

Another Tuscan delight is Elba, an island 10 kilometers from Piombino. This Mediterranean island has an enjoyable mild climate, and its scenic view is certainly worth the ferry trip. Portoferraio is the main town of Elba, and on its west side is where the seaside resorts, Procchio, and Marciana Marina are located. Inland of Elba is the village of Marciana and the Fort of Poggio.

Florence, the capital region of Tuscany, has numerous attractions and activities for its visitors, one of which is the San Miniato al Monte. It is quite a distinct structure with its green and white marble façade situated on top of a short climb of stairs. San Miniato’s architecture is a harmonious blend of different architectural styles such as the Byzantine-inspired gold mosaics, and the Classical Roman architecture of the portico effect. The interiors of San Miniato al Monte is just as refined as its exterior. The painted wood ceiling and mosaic floor embellish the interior along the magnificent Renaissance Chapel. The more astounding features of the church are the walls that hold the 14th-century Masterpiece of Spinello Aretino called the Life of Saint Benedict.

The most recognizable icon of Florence Italy is the Ponte Vecchio. It’s one of the most beautiful scenes in Florence for above the elegant bridge arches a string of stores ranging from souvenir shops to art dealers. The cultural attraction does not end there for on top of the stores is the Corridoio Vasariano, a hallway lined with a collection of fine works of art by renowned Italian artists such as Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, and Velásquez. This passageway used to be called the Percorso del Principe, which means the Passageway of the Prince. The name rooted from the initial purpose of this passageway, which was for Medici to cross the Palazzo Vecchio offices and the apartments in the Pitti Palace. With Vasari as the architect commissioned to construct this passageway, Ponte Vecchio is more than a bridge wherein people can simply pass by; it is a cultural experience.

Another magnificent attraction that can be found in Florence is a cathedral complex formed by the great Piazza Duomo and other groups of buildings. The UNESCO World Heritage-listed 8.87-hectare Piazza dei Miracoli is one of Italy’s greatest treasures in art. Roam around the area, and your breath will be taken away by the structures of the cathedral, the bell tower, the baptistery and the museum. Not only are the structures sole artistic treasures, the museum also holds other notable works of art such as the artworks of Michelangelo, Donatello, Brunelleschi and Ghiberti, and other famous Renaissance artists of Italy.

Florence is never just about structures, art and history for the Mercato Centrale is a representation of the normal Florentine life as Florentines go about their day shopping in a bustling marker lined with street stalls that sell a variety of goods. The most notable products are found in the inner market for it usually holds the fresh garden produce, fresh herbs, and flowers. The lively aroma in this lively market will awaken your sense. Other notable goods are candied fruits, nougat, olives and the famous Tuscan olive oil.

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