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The Mediterranean climate of this vibrant city seems complimented its 14km long stretch of sandy beaches making it an all year round destination for a holiday vacation. Tel Aviv boasts 16 beaches that cater for each individual preferences. One with calm waters is best suited for families with little kids in tow, there is another that have designated areas for men and women, and even for dogs. Outdoor activities are not limited to water sports as locals here certainly make the most out of the beautiful weather. Cyclists, joggers and dog walkers are a common sight flooding the promenade. When New York is the Big Apple, this city is named as the Big Orange for its little or no sleep lifestyle. Nightclubbing is popular for hardcore partying while some opt to chill on a beachfront lounges sipping wine for a relaxing evening.

For a glimpse of history and culture of Tel Aviv, Little Bialik Street located in Central city has three historical houses to visit. The House of artist Reuven Rubin is a dedicated museum for his work and of city's memorabilia. Former residence of poet Chaim Nachman Bialik, the Bialik House has a library for the exhibit of his books, articles, letters, and paintings. Lastly, Beit Ha'ir which was Tel Aviv's original town hall, is recently renovated and designed to be an open house for exhibition of documents and collections of photographs from the city's 100 years of existence.

One of the most beautiful squares in Tel Aviv, Habima Square is a cultural center featuring a philharmonic orchestra that plays classical music. It has a sunken garden in the middle where visitors lounge around and it has been a popular meeting place for locals and visitors as well.

Tel Aviv is home to numerous parks and the biggest one is the Park Hayarkon. This park has a rock garden that features over six acres of cacti, different plant species, and a display of various rock formations. Just across the rock garden, there is a five-acre rain forest-like tropical garden that has a lake home to fishes and swans. A large waterpark inside Hayarkon Park is complete with water slides, wave pool and toddler's pool. This place is recommended for a family with active kids as there are lots of fun activities and areas to enjoy.