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Being the most impressive island in the Argo Saronic Gulf, Hydra is an extremely popular summer getaway destination wherein motor vehicles are prohibited. Famous among locals and foreigners alike, this lovely island is close to Athens, and it is the place to be if you want to get away from the city and unwind. A place wherein motorized vehicles are forbidden, transport in Hydra can be done on foot, by boat, or by riding a donkey. As small as the town may be, Hydra has a number of tourists sites and activities and to offer to its visitors. The bastions, the Historical Archives Museum, the Merchant Marine Academy, the Ecclesiastical Museum, and the Hydra beaches are only some of the tourist sites in Hydra that you may visit, and it is recommended that you stay in Hydra overnight to enjoy this picturesque island. All Luxury Apartments is here to provide you with luxury vacation rentals in Hydra to complete your holiday experience. Whether you’re planning an overnight trip or a long-term vacation in Hydra, we got the right travel accommodations for you. All Luxury Apartments provides holiday units would guarantee a luxury vacation in this beautiful Greek Island.

Surrounding the port are the cannons that protected the harbor in the past. The bastions are some of the sights to see for its historical significance are undeniable. These bastions protected Hydra from the attacks of the Turkish fleet who were superior at that time in terms of quantity.

At the port of Hydra is an impressive mansion that doubles as a museum—the Historical Archives Museum of Hydra. Founded in 1918, the museum is housed in a stone mansion that used to be home to a local ship owner named Gikas Koulouras. By the entrance are some old anchors, and inside the museum are educational, religious, administrative, and religious archives from the Greek Revolution that have been stored in the Church of Assumption of Virgin Mary for years. Relics from the Balkan Wars, the World War I, and the World War II are also exhibited here.

Another point of interest in Hydra is the Merchant Marine Academy located in the Tsamadou Mansion. Founded in 1749, this marine academy is the first one that operated in Greece. It was first named Saint Nikolaos, then changed into the Merchant Marine Academy of Hydra in 1800. It wasn’t until 1930 that it was named the Merchant Marine Academy, which is the name that it still bears today. The academy has competent professors who are famed for their papers on stars and astrophysics. Compulsory service for students here is four years, and the academy also provides training seminars for outside organizations.

An interesting sight to see in Hydra is the Ecclesiastical Museum. Located above the port, this Museum is housed in the church of Assumption which was erected in 1648 but rebuilt in 1774. The museum contains Byzantine icons, clerk relics, and holy gospels.

In addition to the cultural attractions that Hydra has to offer, it also has pebbled beaches for the nature lovers, one of which includes the Hydra Vichos Beach. Located in a resort with the same name, Hydra Vichos Beach is a quiet family-friendly beach with crystal clear waters. Just a short distance from Hydra Town is the rocky Siplia Beach wherein the waters are crystal clear and deep blue. Walking distance from Hydra Town as well is the Hydronetta Beach which has an extremely popular place because of the bar that overhangs the rocks in which people can relax while enjoying the view as relaxing ambient is played on the bar. In between Vilhos and Hydra Town is the kid-friendly Kaminia Beach wherein the waters are shallow and clean, making it an ideal swimming venue for parents and children.

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