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Nicknamed as the Island of Love, Bali is famous among honeymooners. The glistening waters of its oceans, the magnificent Balinese temples, and the natural beauty of the island are just some of the many reasons why people keep on coming back to Bali. Located east of Java, Bali is a small island that houses a lot of tourist attractions—from monkey forests and floating island temples, to shopping districts and picturesque volcanoes, Bali certainly has something for everyone. It is recommended that you spend a minimum of 3 days in Bali to fully immerse yourself in the place, and All Luxury Apartments is here to provide you with Balinese luxury homes for rent to guarantee a luxury holiday vacation in the island.

Although Bali has a number of temples, the Purah Tanah Lot is one of the famous temples because of its unique location and breathtaking view. Located in West Bali, Tanah Lot is the most visited and most photographed temple in Bali. Famous for its sunsets, the Tanah Lot has received 3.21 million visitors in 2016 alone and is one of the most famous temples in Bali. Tanah Lot literally translates as “Land in the Sea”, and the temple gloriously stands above water as waves crash into its rock formation. The sacred site has been part of the Balinese mythology for centuries, and it represents the colorful culture of the country. To catch the breathtaking Balinese sunset, it is recommended that you go there at around 4 PM and leave at 7 PM. It is also important to note that there is an entrance fee to Tanah Lot. Tickets cost Rp 20,000 for Indonesians, while foreigners need to pay Rp 60,000 to enter this amazing attraction.
Another attraction that showcases the natural beauty of Bali is the Kuta Beach. Located in southern Bali, Kuta Beach is considered the most famous beach destination in the country. What was once a rustic fishing village is now a beach resort bustling with visitors from all over the world. With so much growth over the years, numerous hotels, restaurants, and shopping outlets have sprouted here and there to accommodate the growing number of tourists. Kuta Beach offers a number of activities to keep tourists busy, one of which includes surfing. Because of the great waves in the area, surfing is one of the top activities in Kuta Beach, with surfboard rentals and surfing lessons offered daily. Boogie boards can also be rented by adventure-seekers, but if you want a laid-back day at the beach, you may just lounge under the sun, with a little help from beach umbrellas available for rent.

Located in the Kintamani District is one of the ideal trekking locations in Bali—Mount Batur. Mount Batur is an active volcano regarded as sacred by the Balinese people in the central highlands. The 1,700-meter tall mountain has a magnificent view of the sunrise, and many visitors trek up Mount Batur at the wee hours of the morning just to catch the wonderful view that the mountain offers. The trails along Mount Batur are well-marked, and only take about two to three hours of hiking time. There are also guided treks for first-timers, and it already includes a picnic breakfast that includes a unique highlight that you can’t experience elsewhere. Eggs are cooked through the steam of Mount Batur as you stare into the spectacular Balinese landscape—the Batur caldera, the surrounding mountain range, the Lake Batur, and the spectacular Balinese sky.

Another top attraction of Bali is located in Ubud—the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Locally known as Mandala Suci Wenara Wana, the forest is visited by more or less 10,000 people per month. It only takes about 10 minutes from the Ubud town center to go to the Monkey Forest by foot. Long-tailed macaques can be seen in their natural habitat as they roam freely around the thick forests of giant nutmeg and banyan trees. Pathways in the forest are paved as they guide you to ancient temples and statues across the forest. Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal, one of the three temples, can be found on the southwest side of the forest where hundreds of monkeys are swinging through the trees. In the northeast is the Pura Prajapati, a Hindu temple meant for the worship of Hyang Widi through Prajapati. There is also an ancient bathing temple at the northwest of The Monkey Forest called Pura Beji wherein people worship to Hyang Widi through the goddess Gangga.

If you are looking for a place to shop for Balinese clothing items, Seminyak is the one for you. Known for its flamboyant designers, Bali has exciting clothing pieces that would be a good addition to your wardrobe. The streets of Seminyak is lined with market stalls that sell the best Balinese designs, along with surf and swimwear, jewelry, furniture, and homewares. Designer Balinese fashion items can also be bought at chic shops, some of which includes Biasa, Magali Pascal, and Bamboo Blonde. A range of Balinese souvenirs can also be bought at Seminyak—from unique art and homeware goods at Kody & Ko, to affordable jewelry at Sea Gypsy. There are two main shopping malls in Seminyak: Seminyak Square and Seminyak Village. Merchandise can be a bit expensive in the malls, so if you’re looking for a good bargain, head to the flea market near Seminyak Square, and stalls that line the Seminyak streets.

If you’re looking for a place to stay on your Balinese holiday vacation, All Luxury Apartments offers luxury homes for rent in Bali that would fit a range of location, budget, and duration of stay. With a number luxury villas across the island, All Luxury Apartments can provide lodging—be it for short term or long term real estate rentals—that would suit your needs.