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Located in the West Indies is the island of Saint Barthélemy wherein pristine beaches, sandy shores, and quaint little towns are placed. Also known as St. Barts, Saint Barthélemy is a famous travel destination among those who seek relaxation.The St. Barts island offers numerous attractions to its visitors, some of which include the Saline Beach, Gustavia, St. Jean, Lorient, Flamands beach, Gouverneur Beach, and its charm and natural beauty lures tourists from different parts of the world. With numerous attractions that the island offers, it is recommended that you stay here for at least three days to visit the must-sees and to truly enjoy the beauty of this paradise. All Luxury Apartments is here to provide you with accommodations in St. Barts island to complete your holiday experience in this wonderful place. Whether you’re planning a 3-day trip or a long-term vacation in Saint Barts, we got the right vacation rentals for you. All Luxury Apartments provides holiday apartments and private villas that would guarantee a luxury vacation in the island of St. Barts.

On the southern coast of St. Barts is a hidden gem called Saline Beach.One of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, staring at the turquoise, teal, and cobalt blue waters of Saline Beach would just take your breath away. With light golden sand on its shores, it is a great venue for sunbathing and relaxing under the sun. It is, however, important to note that you should bring an umbrella for there aren’t any available for rent here. The waters of Saline Beach is also popular among body surfers whenever it’s windy. As secluded as the beach is, there are two restaurants located near the Saline Beach’s parking area.

St. Barts’ capital, Gustavia, provides a great shopping experience to its visitors. A red-roofed town that wraps around the harbor in a U-shape, Gustavia has duty-free shops and art galleries that would keep the visitors busy for hours. The town’s harbor is lined with fishing boats, mega yachts, and cruise ships that drop by visitors who are eager to experience this commercial hub. Fort Gustave, the most significant port during the Swedish period, and Fort Karl, which lies on top of a 29-meter hill, offers great views of the town. You may learn about St. Bart’s history by visiting the Wall House Museum, and the Vieux Clocher, which is the oldest building in Gustavia, would enchant history buffs.

In the heart of St. Barthelemy is a small village called St. Jean which is located just outside of Gustavia. With excellent restaurants, boutiques, and shopping plazas, St. Jean is one of the most popular tourist areas on the island. With the island’s only airport located nearby, this tiny village is accessible to visitors. A family-friendly white sand beach called St. Jean’s Bay Beach has natural coral reefs, and its sparkling waters are great for swimming. There are some water sports centers on the beach in which surfboard, windsurf, snorkeling, and beach toy rentals are available. Along the stretch of St. Jean’s Bay Beach is the Nikki Beach Saint Barth restaurant, so you need not worry about food and beverages as you relax for the day.

Nearby St. Jean is a charming village called Lorient which is the site of St. Barts first French settlement. A 19th-century church, the Lorient Church, is erected here, along with several shops, and a great surf beach. The Eglise de Lorient is made of local stones and uses conch shells as water basins. At the end of the village is the Lorient Beach in which there are strong waves that are great for surfing. The stretch of Lorient Beach is calm and quiet, and its waters are ideal for swimming.

The island’s widest beach, the Flamands beach, is also one of the most beautiful ones in St. Barts. Fishermen can usually be seen here, and it is a great swimming spot for its waters are calm. Flamands can also be a great surfing location, just as long as the conditions are right. This beach is also ideal spot to lounge around for it is one of the few beaches that naturally has shade.

On the southern shore of the island is a secluded beach called Gouverneur Beach. With white sandy shores, Gouverneur Beach is one of the island favorites due to the beauty and privacy it provides to the visitors. Its pristine waters are usually calm, making it a great venue for swimming. It also has an accessible parking lot, which is located just a few steps from its sandy shores.

If you’re wondering where to stay in St. Barts, try our holiday rentals at All Luxury Apartments for a hassle-free vacation on this beautiful island. We offer holiday accommodations that would fit a range of location, budget, and duration of stay. With a number of property rentals, ranging from apartments to private villas, All Luxury Apartments can provide house rentals in Saint Barts—be it short term or long term—that would suit your needs.