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Arachova is a mountain town and a former municipality in the western part of Boeotia, Greece. Arachova has a panoramic view, uphill small houses and the cobbled streets show a picturesque architecture. The town center includes a huge and steep cliff, the Bell Tower, covered with dense ivy. At the top of the tower is a large 10m height clock. Arachova is often referred by the Greeks as the 'Winter Mykonos'. It is a town that has been transformed into a popular destination for those seeking winter sports and relaxation. It sits at an altitude of 973 meters and thanks to its proximity to Athens, the winter months see it buzzing on weekends with city slickers escaping the rat race for a break in the refreshing mountain air. Follow in their footsteps and find out why this place is so adored.

Hiking in the mountains around Arachova is an experience not to be missed by those who love putting on their walking boots and heading out to lose themselves in nature. A 3.5km uphill hike from Arachova brings you to the Corycian Cave, which the ancients dedicated the cave to the god Pan and the nymph Corycia. Visit Delphi Archaeological Museum, which houses a large number of important artifacts, including the Siphnian Treasury (525 BC), the kouroi and korai, the exquisite statue of the Charioteer (478 or 474 BC), figurines and fine items made from gold, silver and ivory.