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Corinth (Korinthos) is a town that is considered the gateway to the Peloponnese Peninsula. During Roman times, it was one of the largest and wealthiest city-states in Greece before. Today, the site where Ancient Corinth once stood has been excavated by archaeologists from the American School in Athens since 1896. The extensive remains are dominated by top-rated attractions like the ruins of the Temple of Apollo. Behind the site rises the hill of Acrocorinth (Akrokorinthos), which was fortified during the Middle Ages.

The town is also famous for the Corinth Canal, which gives ships a route through the isthmus of Corinth. There are many things to do in the Corinth area, including an adrenaline rushing bungee jump. Another place to visit is the most important monument in Ancient Corinth, the imposing Doric Temple of Apollo. It lies on a low hill and dominates the site. This temple was built around 540 BC, on the site of an earlier seventh-century-BC temple. Today, only seven monolithic limestone columns remain, but originally there would have been six along the front and back of the temple, and fifteen down each side.