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Vari- Voula- Vouliagmeni is a combination of three municipalities. These three municipalities created what might be the most gorgeous city in Greece. Vari is located 26 kilometers south of the center of Athens. It is constructed along the southern Hymettus mountains, very close to the Saronic shores. Voula, a southern suburb of Athens is built on the shores of the Saronic region, 25 kilometers south of the center of the city. Meanwhile, Vouliagmeni is a seaside settlement of Attica located 25 kilometers south of the center of Athens. It is built on the coast of the Saronic Gulf. Voula is a lovely area with parks and athletic centers, where the visitor may walk or ride a bike along the seaside. You may visit the inner area for shopping, food and coffee. The area also hosts the Nautical Athletic Club of Voula, one of the most important and active Sailing Clubs of Attica. It has its own port facilities where visitors can have fun enjoying water sports activities. Going South from Voula, we reach the area of Vouliagmeni. Here the options are countless! Numerous beaches for all tastes and Vouliagmeni Lake with its thermal springs. There are several choices for food and drink, from the fish taverns at Kavouri area to mainstream restaurants, gelaterias and coffee shops at Laimos and Vouliagmeni areas. On the hill over Vouliagmeni Lake the area named “Faskomilia” is ideal for trekking and mountain bike. The Municipality of Vari Voula Vouliagmeni is the area where the ancient municipalities of Anagyrus and Aixonides Halae were situated, with findings and archeological sites such as the Temple of Apollon Zoster, the Tombs of Vari and the Acropolis of Lathouriza.

One of the top rated attractions is the Vouliagmeni Lake, its brackish waters which are continuously replenished both by the sea and the underground thermal springs offer a natural and unique thermal spa experience. The aquatic paradise of Vouliagmeni Lake hosts in its green water's variety of unique organisms. Among them, a kind of sea anemone called Paranemonia Vouliagmeniensis stands out, as well as species of sponges and mollusks which portray the perfect balance of the lake’s ecosystem. Its aquatic world also includes the known fish Garra Rufa which offer skin exfoliation. If you prefer a cool swim, you may opt to explore the Vouliagmeni beaches and enjoy blue waters and wonderful white sand at the most organized beach.