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How to Make Your Backyard Look Like the Tuileries Garden in Paris

April 09, 2021
If you've ever been to Paris or planning to go there soon, you probably know the Tuileries Garden. Or at least, you should know it! It's one of the most popular sites in all of the French capital. It's been featured in movies, TV series, magazines, websites, and more. Not to mention a lot of advertising too. Even if you haven't been to Paris yet, you've probably seen the garden already. Isn't it beautiful? such lush greeneries, wide-open spaces, and stunning at fixtures. It'd be great to have your garden look like that! So, why not try and replicate it? Here's how!

How to Make Your Backyard Look Like the Tuileries Garden in Paris


Keep Everything Organized

The most important thing to remember when trying to emulate the Tuileries garden is that yours have to be organized. Even though the Parisian site is vast and wide, what makes it such a pleasant place to visit is the organization. Once you get familiar with it, you'll hardly get lost within the acres of the famous garden. Each grass is trimmed to perfection, each hedge is perfectly shaped, and even the sculptures are somewhat parallel to each other. For years, millions and millions of people have visited the garden yet the city of Paris continues to keep it clean and organized. 


Focus on Symmetry

Perhaps what helps Paris keep the Tuileries Garden organized is the symmetry of the place. It's also what makes it quite the visual spectacle. Though the place has multiple parts within it, the overall look of the garden is balanced. The areas within the fountains, for instance, have equal distances for people to walk on and enjoy the site from the lush greeneries that they're not allowed to walk on. To ensure that your garden remains symmetrical, measure the overall size of the place and plan out your features accordingly. Everything has to be just right and extremely balanced! 


How to Make Your Backyard Look Like the Tuileries Garden in Paris

Source: Flickr.com/ Lauren Manning


Add a Fountain

Arguably the main place where people hang out in the Tuileries Garden is by the main water fountain at the center. Surrounding it are other smaller fountains that are just as beautiful and picturesque. So if you really want to emulate this famous Paris landmark, you're going to have to add in a water fountain in your backyard. Though if it's not big enough, it doesn't have to be a lot. One big one at the center will probably already remind people of the iconic garden. Just make sure it's perfectly round and your greeneries will complement it well. 


Put in a Pond

Don't have enough money for a water fountain? That's alright! Perhaps a pond can do! After all, the fountains of the Tuileries Garden are so big, they practically look like ponds. They also evoke the same serenity that makes the place so endearing to locals and tourists alike. Like the fountain, your pond has to be precisely round and perfectly shaped. That's what makes it distinct from other famous parks with their own ponds, lakes, and fountains. The water fixtures at the Tuileries are so precisely made, you know there was a lot of thought put into making them. And your own garden deserves that much effort too.  


How to Make Your Backyard Look Like the Tuileries Garden in Paris

Source: Flickr.com/ Dennis Jarvis


Make Ample Space for Pathways

What makes visiting the Tuileries Garden so enjoyable is that it has a lot of walkways. Imagine if the place was just made up of all greeneries. Though still beautiful it would have been rather difficult to explore such a vast place. At least, with its walkways. the Tuileries allows its visitors to really see the natural beauty of the place without getting lost nor getting tired. It also makes shooting here—whether for a film, a series, a fashion magazine editorial, or an ad campaign—that much easier. Well-spaced walkways will make spending time in your garden that much more pleasant as well. 


Line Up Your Trees in a Row

When you have your walkways done, try re-organizing your trees as well. If you can, line them up within a certain walkway to emulate one of the more iconic areas in the Tuileries Garden. Many things—from movie scenes to luxury ad campaigns—have been shot at and have featured the symmetric row of pine trees in the Tuileries Garden. It's a rather romantic spot, perfect for an engagement shoot or even a wedding ceremony. And if you have that same symmetric layout in your own garden, it'll be quite the events place for your family, that's for sure! 


How to Make Your Backyard Look Like the Tuileries Garden in Paris

Source:Flickr.com/ Melodie Mesiano


Colorful Flowerbeds are a Must

Now, for the flowers. With a garden as vast as the Tuileries, they do have different kinds of flowers planted throughout the place. Each more beautiful than the next and they all add some much-needed pops of color in the sea of green and earth. But the main thing to remember is that the flowerbeds are all neatly organized too. These colorful florae don't just pop out of nowhere in random areas within the garden. They're neatly designated into organized flowerbeds, all preserved to perfection. You'll need to have the same discipline in controlling your own flowerbeds in your garden too! 


A Few Sculptures Wouldn't Hurt

Finally, adding in a few sculptures in your garden wouldn't hurt. Surely there are some nice gardening specialty stores that sell marble sculptures that you can decorate your own garden with. They don't have to be the exact same statues that are in the Tuileries Garden, but they do have to have that same classic look to make it more convincing. And as much as you want to just scatter them all over your backyard, remember to strategically place them to preserve the overall symmetry of the place. It'll be also great if you use them to decorate your fountain or pond as well. 


How to Make Your Backyard Look Like the Tuileries Garden in Paris


If you're so enamored by the Tuileries Garden in Paris, why not turn your own backyard into it? With a lot of dedication and discipline, your own garden can look just as beautiful as the iconic tourist spot in the French capital! 




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